Posted on July 9, 2021

Nick Fuentes Banned from Twitter Following ADL and SPLC Hitpieces

Jack Hadfield, National File, July 9, 2021

Nick Fuentes, the host of America First, has been permanently banned from Twitter, one day after a hit piece on him was published by the ADL.

Fuentes, the conservative populist commentator and host of the nightly show America First, was banned from Twitter on Friday, with Fuentes announcing his permanent ban on Gab and Telegram. {snip}

Some following Fuentes’s ban were quick to highlight that the ADL, the well known anti-free speech “Jewish special interest group,” had written a hitpiece on him only the day before, and was posted to Twitter within the hour just before his ban, claiming that he is a “white supremacist leader and organizer” who “traffics in disinformation and division.” In a statement, Fuentes said that “the ADL published a report on me and then I was permanently suspended hours later. That’s what happened,” adding that he would discuss his ban more later on his Telegram channel.

The Southern Poverty Law Center, another far-left organization, also attacked Twitter earlier this week over the fact that Fuentes was still on their platform, linking him to the Capitol Hill protests. In an email to the SPLC dated January 11th, Twitter admitted that they had not seen “enough violative content” from Fuentes to ban him at the time. {snip}