Posted on July 23, 2021

Mississippi Man Brutally Attacked and Raped Woman in Bathroom Stall at Mall

Jerry Lambe, Law & Crime, July 21, 2021

A Mississippi man on Monday hid inside the restroom at a high-end outlet mall and viciously attacked, raped, and robbed an Oklahoma woman before his attempt to flee was thwarted by several bystanders who managed to detain him until law enforcement arrived {snip}

{snip} 28-year-old Andrew Malik Jones was hiding inside of one of the public bathrooms at the Gulfport Premium Outlets {snip}

Andrew Malik Jones

Andrew Malik Jones

The brutal attack left the victim—who was on vacation in the area with her family—hospitalized with multiple injuries, including a fractured skull {snip}


However, the victim’s husband did speak with local ABC-affiliate WLOX-TV following the attack.

“My wife went in the restroom and the man locked her inside. There was nothing I could do. He put a towel over her face and a belt on her neck and raped her and tried to kill her,” he said.

The husband said that he and their children were standing in the food court when the incident took place, but he didn’t know anything was wrong until he heard a scream coming from the bathroom. He said he rushed over to check on his wife, which is when he allegedly saw Jones coming out of the bathroom carrying his wife’s purse.

“I kept chasing him,” the husband told WLOX. He also said that he was partly able to prevent Jones from leaving by offering him money.

“I showed him my wallet and said, ‘Here, money,’” the husband told the outlet. {snip}