Posted on June 29, 2021

Towson University Removes Slave Owners’ Names From Buildings

Associated Press, June 24, 2021

Towson University has decided to remove the names of slave owners from two dormitories following a vote by the University System of Maryland board of regents allowing the school to rename them.

The university created a 10-person committee comprised of students, faculty and staff a year ago that assessed whether changing the names would comply with university guidelines {snip} It unanimously recommended renaming Carroll Hall and Paca House. {snip}

Charles Carroll was one of Maryland’s first U.S. senators and William Paca served as the state’s third governor. Both signed the Declaration of Independence.


Towson University president Kim Schatzel wrote in a letter to the board of regents that the school’s leadership didn’t consult with students or faculty when the buildings were named.


Schatzel acknowledged the men’s contributions as founding fathers but questioned in a letter “how we can ask our students to accept living and sleeping in a residence hall that, as one student told me, ‘was named after a man that enslaved my ancestors {snip}.’”