Posted on June 11, 2021

Shocking Moment Man Hurls Slurs at Asian NYPD Officer Before Yelling ‘Black People Can’t Be Racist’

Snejana Farberov, Daily Mail, June 8, 2021

Disturbing video has emerged showing a black man directing a string of racial slurs at an Asian NYPD officer during unrest in Manhattan’s Washington Square Park over the weekend.

The unnamed man is seen in the expletive-laden video, which was uploaded to Reddit on Sunday, being confronted by a group of officers who appear to ask him to move from the road onto the sidewalk.

The man, dressed in a white T-shirt and a ball cap, appears to single out the Asian-American cop and unleashes a vile tirade at him: ‘You’re not even from this country. You piece of s***. You f***ing ch**k!’

He repeats the offensive ethnic slur referring to a person of Chinese descent over and over again without drawing any response from the targeted officer.

Another cop tries to deescalate the situation and leads his colleagues away as the irate man continues to yell racial abuse.

Moments later, a man passing by on a bicycle overhears the slurs and calls out the abuser.

‘Why you calling people ch**k, man? F*** you!’ the cyclist yells at the man in the white t-shirt.

The man immediately turns on the biker, repeatedly yelling at him to ‘suck my d***.’

When a bystander accuses the enraged man of being racist, he shoots back: ‘black people can’t be racist, you piece of s***.’

The man continues peppering the Asian-American officer with racial slurs as he and his colleagues walk toward the iconic Washington Square Park Arch.

The man boasts that he works ‘for the state’ and yells that he pays the officers’ salaries.

As the NYPD officers disappear in the distance, the man turns toward the camera recording his rant and stresses that his offensive words ‘don’t go out to all Asian people,’ but rather only to the police.

‘The cops are not our friends,’ he argues.

He then repeats the assertion that ‘black people cannot be racist.’

He adds: ‘we could be prejudiced to prejudge something, but we cannot be racist; these motherf***ers [the police] are racist.

‘Whether you’re Asian, Hispanic… or other than European, and you’ve joined the police force, you should know the oppression that is being placed out on our people. That’s why I called him a ch**k.’

The NYPD addressed the recording of the foul-mouthed encounter, calling it ‘disturbing’ in a statement to the New York Post.

‘Each day, NYPD officers are expected to maintain a level of professionalism under an array of difficult circumstances,’ a police spokesperson said. ‘In this instance, an Asian police officer was subjected to an ugly onslaught of racial slurs and maintained his composure. However, it is disturbing to see this type of language used against any Asian person in light of the disturbing increase of Asian hate crimes citywide.’

New York City has experienced a wave of anti-Asian assaults since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic amid a broader spike in crime rates.

Over the weekend, Washington Square Park became the site of violent clashes between the police and people protesting a new 10pm curfew that has been put in place to crack down on large public gatherings, littering and noise, reported New York Times.

Officers in riot gear were seen wrestling with protesters chanting ‘abolish the police’ while removing them from the park. The incident resulted in nearly two dozen arrests.

It is unclear if the man in the Reddit video was part of the protest against the curfew.