Posted on May 24, 2021

Rachel Lindsay: Black Men on Bachelorette ‘Didn’t Date Black Women’

Daily Mail, May 19, 2021

Rachel Lindsay opened up about diversity aspects on The Bachelor franchise in a candid interview Monday, saying the show has a ‘casting issue.’

The 36-year-old lawyer and reality star spoke on Ziwe Fumudoh’s new Showtime series about things she experienced as the first Black lead on The Bachelorette four years ago.

‘I learned as I was going through my season that several of the Black men on my season didn’t date Black women,’ the Dallas-born beauty said, adding that she had been ‘getting upset at the selection of men of color’ in her season.

She said that ‘the show found it interesting’ to cast Black men who ‘never dated a Black woman before.’

Lindsay said she told producers, ‘You think that’s interesting? That’s my life. I live that.’

Lindsay said that changes need to be made on both sides of the camera to achieve an element of diversity that’s been lacking since the series first hit the air in 2002.


Fumudoh noted to Lindsay, ‘All three of the Black Bachelors and Bachelorettes have ended up with partners who are not of color,’ a group that includes Lindsay’s now husband Bryan Abasolo, who is of Colombian descent.