Posted on January 11, 2021

Nick Fuentes, ‘Baked Alaska’ Banned from DLive Following Capitol Riots

Zachary Petrizzo, Daily Dot, January 9, 2021

White nationalists Nicholas Fuentes and Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet are among the far-right figures who have been banned from DLive following the Capitol riots.

The streaming platform announced on Saturday morning that it banned several notable users. The announcement follows widespread action taken by Twitter, which included a ban on President Donald Trump, on Friday evening.

DLive ruled that both Fuentes and Gionet’s accounts incited violence ahead of the storming of the Capitol on Wednesday.

“DLive believes and encourages freedom of expression providing it abides by US law and our own Community Guidelines,” the company wrote Saturday in a statement. “On January 6th 2021, the following channels were found to be inciting violent and illegal activities and have been suspended indefinitely with their lemon balances frozen.”