Posted on January 15, 2021

AOC Accuses Republican of ‘Preserving White Supremacy over Democracy’

Greg Evans, The Independent, January 13, 2021

Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has launched into a furious rant against her Republican colleagues on Tuesday during an Instagram Live stream.

The 31-year-old representative, who uses her social media platforms to openly interact and connect with her base, did her first broadcast since the riots on 6th January in Washington which left five people dead. {snip}

She also hit out at the many members of Trump’s staff who have resigned after Wednesday’s events including Betsy DeVos, Mick Mulvaney and Stephanie Grisham as being as much a part of it as anyone and that resigning will not “clean that blood of their hands.”

A passionate Ocasio-Cortez continued by calling them “cowards” for not invoking the 25th amendment against Donald Trump. She continued by accusing the Republicans of “not giving a damn about the law” but “giving a damn about white supremacy.” She added “They care about preserving the social order and the mythology of whiteness than the grandeur of our democracy. That’s what they care about.”