Posted on October 29, 2020

Prince Harry Says Ignorance No Excuse for Unconscious Bias

Danica Kirka, Associated Press, October 26, 2020

Britain’s Prince Harry says it took him many years and the experience of living with his wife, the former Meghan Markle, to understand how his privileged upbringing shielded him from the reality of unconscious bias.

Harry talked about racial inequality and social justice in a video discussion with the Black Lives Matter activist Patrick Hutchinson as part of the GQ Heroes Conference, which is being broadcast this week.

“Unconscious bias, from my understanding, having had the upbringing and the education that I have, I had no idea what it was,” Harry said. “I had no idea it existed and then, sad as it is to say, it took me many, many years to realize it, especially then living a day or a week in my wife’s shoes.”

{snip} He married Meghan, a biracial American TV star, in 2018 in a church filled with royalty and celebrities.


The prince described the social justice movement as train that “has left the station” and said now is the time for everyone to do their part to make the world a better place.