Posted on September 3, 2020

‘Afro-Latina’ Activist Reveals She is a White Jewish Woman Who Pretended to Be Black

Bruce C.T. Wright, NewsOne, September 3, 2020

An activist in New York City who has been described as “Afro-Latina” revealed that she is actually a white woman who’s been pretending to be Black all along. {snip}

The person now-formerly known as Jess La Bombera on Thursday published an open letter of sorts on Medium under her real name — Jessica A. Krug — and admitted “the truth, and the anti-Blackness of my lies,” as her post is titled. Krug wrote about her “experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various assumed identities within a Blackness that I had no right to claim” and said she feigned “North African Blackness” before pretending to be a Black American and then finally settling on a “Caribbean rooted Bronx Blackness” identity.

“I have not only claimed these identities as my own when I had absolutely no right to do so — when doing so is the very epitome of violence, of thievery and appropriation {snip}” Krug wrote in part.


Krug even called for herself to be “cancelled” and said she would “absolutely cancel myself.”