Posted on August 10, 2020

Newlywed’s Car Vandalized After Groomsman Jokingly Paints ‘Trump 2020’ on Window

Mark Klekas, WJLA, August 9, 2020

Trump 2020 Blue Lives Splatter

Credit Image: The Beardall family via WJLA

A day after one of the best nights of their lives, newlywed couple Brayden and Macy Beardall woke up to find a swastika scratched into the side of their car in Salt Lake City, Utah.

The couple was married on Saturday in Sandy, and as per tradition, their vehicle was decorated with balloons, marker paint and other wedding gag decorations. One of the groomsmen wrote “Trump 2020” on the driver’s side window as a joke, Macy Beardall explained.


{snip} Besides the swastika, things were scratched on the car including “I am a racist” and “Blue Lives Splatter.”


{snip} Macy Beardall said she is mad. She described herself as an ally and an advocate to the Black Lives Matters and human trafficking movements.

 “I have done so much education and educating on this. They could have wiped it off or left a note educating me. I try to learn and know that not everyone’s experience is the same. I know the fact that I even own a Jeep is a privilege, but it’s still not OK.”