Posted on August 5, 2020

Fact Check: Yes, the Mob Is Coming for You

Michelle Malkin, American Renaissance, August 5, 2020

In June, America’s mass media propaganda machine endangered the public by spreading insidious “disinformation” — while purporting to debunk “disinformation.”

The New York Times, NBC News, CNN and the Associated Press converged nine weeks ago to persuade readers and viewers that neither antifa rioters nor Black Lives Matter militants were fanning out from major urban areas into flyover country. Law enforcement bulletins and citizen alerts about the metastasis of violent demonstrations all amount to “misinformation,” “bad information,” “false information,” “unfounded rumors” and “conspiratorial content,” the Gray Lady scoffed.

NBC News and CNN exploited a single fake antifa Twitter account to dismiss nationwide concerns of domestic terrorism as “viral misinformation.”

The AP blasted “baseless theories” about encroaching violence and castigated “conservative news outlets and pro-Trump social media accounts” for reporting on them.

In short: Don’t worry. Be happy. Blame Righty.

The “progressive” Anti-Defamation League — headed by Jonathan Greenblatt, a Clinton/Obama official and former George Soros-funded operative — amplified the fraudulent media campaign. “There has been no evidence of antifa or Black Lives Matter organizing or carrying out attacks on suburban or white communities,” the ADL declared, and the “large-scale protests following the murder of George Floyd” were “overwhelmingly peaceful.”

Fact check: ADL = All Damned Lies. AP = Anarchist Propaganda. CNN = Chaos-Nurturing Network.

Since this agitprop campaign two months ago, armed extremists allied with antifa and BLM have indeed staged escalating incursions into the heartland. Yes, the mob is on the move. Yes, the mob is targeting “suburban neighborhoods and white communities.” Yes, the mob could turn up at your home at any time.

And no, in the age of American anarchotyranny, you cannot rely on the police, nor elected officials (Democratic or Republican), nor even mainstream Second Amendment organizations in Washington, D.C., like the National Rifle Association to stand with you in your time of need.

Just two weeks after the Denver police purposely stood down and watched my friends and I come under attack by BLM and antifa at a “Back the Blue” rally, Colorado Springs police sat by and did nothing on Monday night as a residential neighborhood was shut down by cop-hating provocateurs. Toting AR-15s, carrying walkie-talkies and openly defying state laws prohibiting targeted picketing, the mob marched unobstructed into the streets of Pulpit Rock to the private home of a Colorado Springs Police Department officer. He had been cleared by a grand jury a year ago in a police-involved fatal shooting of an armed robbery suspect.

Local news outlets filmed black-clad BLM menaces in camo and combat boots ignoring cops’ orders to stop blocking motorists. Militants cursed, threatened and waved their weapons at law-abiding citizens, one of whom called 911 for help once the mob let him through.

No officer came to assist. Instead, CSPD officials posted on Twitter that they were “reminding” the mob “to not block the streets” and were issuing two “shelter in place” orders advising residents to “stay indoors; please lock and stay away from windows and doors.”

“Protect and serve” has been replaced with “Tweet and retreat.” Run and hide. Kneel and grovel. If it’s coming to my once-solidly conservative community, it’s coming to your town, too.

Former City Councilman Sean Paige condemned the fecklessness: “We have a ‘law and order’ Mayor In Colorado Springs, right? So why is John Suthers letting thugs get away with this kind of dangerous/threatening nonsense in residential areas?”

Twitter user Sandi K. responded to the CSPD police posts: “Announcements? Reminders? How about arrests? Pathetic response by law enforcement. Unbelievable!”

Another enraged citizen asked CSPD: “(H)ow are the masked protestors who are in full tactical gear and standing down vehicles with their hands on the stocks of their rifles not menacing?”

I asked Lt. James Sokolik, CSPD public information officer, why no one was arrested. “We monitored” the protest “extensively,” he told me, and made an “ultimate decision not to intervene” because “it took care of itself.” That passive language echoes the Denver Police Chief Paul Pazen’s diffident downplaying of the riot at the “Back the Blue” rally as having “devolved” on its own, with no one and no entity actually accountable. “But I don’t want to give the impression that this was some sort of blase thing,” Sokolik warbled.

Oh, no. Who would ever get that impression? After all, the situation was being monitored.

Colorado Springs native and Benghazi Marine hero John “Tig” Tiegen, who works with the nonprofit Faith Education Commerce United, rejects such abject passivity in the face of extreme aggression. “You shouldn’t have to hide in your own house and be held against your will for fear of bodily harm or death,” he told me. He issued a call to action when he heard of the mob hijacking of Pulpit Rock. A large group of his friends joined him to defend and protect the homeowners from direct assault: “We were definitely a force and the neighbors were glad we were there.”

“It’s time to stop living in utopia instead of reality,” Tiegen counsels. Amen. Reject the lies. Ignore the smears. Lock, load and lean on each other. Domestic tranquility, like anarchotyranny, doesn’t just happen on its own.