Posted on August 28, 2020

Majority of White Wisconsinites Now Against Black Lives Matter Rallies

Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Magazine, August 28, 2020

Come on. You burn down one city and they go negative on you.

But the preference cascade that seemed to have swept away all sanity and common sense is starting to tilt the other way. And the Dems are panicking because of what they’re seeing in the Wisconsin numbers.

Approval of Black Lives Matter protests, June and August 2020

In June, 61% of Wisconsin residents approved of Black Lives Matter rallies. In August, there’s an even split of 48% to 48%.

The shift has largely happened among white Wisconsinites with white people going from 59% approval and 38% disapproval, to a 51% disapproval and a 45% approval.

Some of that shift has been among Republicans who went from a narrow 49% unfavorable and 32% favorable to a 71% unfavorable.

But independent approval for BLM has dropped to 50% and disapproval ticked up 9% to 35%.

Not where those numbers should be, but it’s progress.

And it’s freaking out the Democrats pretty badly.