Posted on June 3, 2020

Clemson Coach Danny Pearman Apologizes for Saying N-Word in 2017 Practice Incident

Larry Brown Sports, June 2, 2020

Clemson assistant football coach Danny Pearman issued a statement on Tuesday about a 2017 incident where he used the N-word.

On Twitter Tuesday, former Clemson walk-on wide receiver Kanyton Tuttle made public an incident about a Tigers coach using the N-word during practice. {snip}

The State’s Matt Connolly tracked down D.J. Greenlee, who was the other player involved in the incident with Tuttle, to share more details about what happened.

“It was just a heated argument during practice, basically. Me and the coach got into it and I was speaking with one of my teammates. He heard me use the n-word basically, and basically tried to correct me by saying the n-word back,” Greenlee told The State. “He wasn’t saying that I was a n-word. It was, using the tone, in a word like, ‘OK … I was talking to my teammate and you came over here.’”

Greenlee says Pearman spent the rest of the season apologizing, and Greenlee says he was eventually able to accept the apology.

Pearman, who is the team’s Assistant Head Coach/Tight Ends Coach/Special Teams Coordinator, issued the following statement on Tuesday after the past incident was publicized.