Posted on May 30, 2020

Van Jones: a ‘White, Liberal Hillary Clinton Supporter’ Can Pose a Greater Threat to Black Americans Than the KKK

Joe Concha, The Hill, May 29, 2020

CNN’s Van Jones argued Friday during an analysis on racial tensions that a “white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park” can pose a more insidious threat to African Americans than openly racist groups such as the Ku Klux Klan.

Jones was referring to Amy Cooper, a white woman who called the police on a black man in New York’s Central Park on Monday. {snip}


“It’s not the racist white person who is in the Ku Klux Klan that we have to worry about. It’s the white, liberal Hillary Clinton supporter walking her dog in Central Park who would tell you right now, ‘Oh I don’t see race, race is no big deal to me, I see all people the same, I give to charities,’ but the minute she sees a black man who she does not respect, or who she has a slight thought against, she weaponized race like she had been trained by the Aryan Nation” {snip}