Posted on May 19, 2020

Revealed: Amazon Funding/Partners with Far-Left Hate Group Southern Poverty Law Center

Breitbart, May 19, 2020

A startling new investigation has revealed that Amazon provides charitable funding to the controversial and hyper-liberal Southern Poverty Law Center through the AmazonSmile customer giving program. Yet Amazon lets the SPLC act as a gatekeeper for the program, which means SPLC denies Amazon customers the ability to give to politically conservative organizations. As a result, organizations that promote conservative ideas are cut off from funds, while Amazon allows donations to a variety of liberal organizations that include Planned Parenthood, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, and the SPLC itself, which is the 33rd largest recipient of AmazonSmile contributions. A watchdog organization has placed an initiative on Amazon’s annual shareholder vote and is running a public petition campaign designed to end the injustice of SPLC both controlling and benefiting from the AmazonSmile program. They have placed an online petition for public signature here, with petitions sent immediately to Amazon’s Board of Directors.

The National Center for Public Policy Research reviewed AmazonSmile’s last filed 990 form, which is a disclosure document required of all charitable organizations. In fiscal 2018, AmazonSmile delivered some $44 million to nonprofits, by allowing customers to earmark ½ of 1% of their purchases to these groups. This makes them one of the largest grantors of such funds in America. Since 2017, however, AmazonSmile has appointed the SPLC to control access to these funds through their propagandist “hate list,” which they have acknowledged is intended to be used to inflict economic discrimination and censorship on organizations they put on the list. It is part of the SPLC’s broader effort to stigmatize and eliminate mainstream conservative thought.


All of this makes more surprising Amazon’s willingness to outsource control of access to their AmazonSmile program to SPLC, and it has raised new opposition for this year’s shareholder season. The National Center for Public Policy Research, a nonprofit dedicated to promoting free markets, has advanced a shareholder proposal for this year’s Amazon ballot on May 27th that would compel Amazon to account for the costs of being attached to the partisan SPLC.

They have also created a public online petition demanding that Amazon end their association with the Southern Poverty Law Center. Every time it is submitted, Jeff Bezos and other Amazon board members receive a copy by email. Amazon customers, prime members, shareholders, and others are invited to send the petition to Amazon by clicking here.