Posted on May 27, 2020

Modesto Retail Worker Attacked by Customer Asks Shoppers to ‘Be Patient and Show a Little Kindness’

Lena Howland, ABC10, May 21, 2020

Black Assault on Samantha Clarke

Samantha Clarke said she was “split open pretty good” two weeks ago when she was allegedly assaulted by a customer while police say she was working at a Big 5 Sporting Goods store.

Clarke said she has been working at the sporting goods store for 17 years now. Earlier this month, in the middle of the pandemic, she says a woman calling from Tracy asked her staff to hold a swimming pool for her.

“We told them that we would hold it for 30 minutes, they showed up 45 minutes later and the pool was gone,” Clarke recalled. “So the lady was upset, understandably. I could understand that she was upset.”

Clarke says the woman started throwing items off the counter, hit her in the face with something metal in her hand and casually walked out of the store with her baby’s stroller in tote.

She said the woman even took the time to cover up her license plates on the way out.


This week, the Modesto Police Department posted a picture of the alleged assaulter on its Facebook page. The photo shows a woman standing in the parking lot wearing a black mask with a Chanel logo.