Posted on April 27, 2020

What Distancing? Revelers Defy Coronavirus Lockdown in Tightly Packed House Party in Chicago

RT, April 26, 2020

Chicago Party (Credit Image Facebook : Tink Purcell)

Credit Image: Facebook / Tink Purcell

Chicago Party II (Credit Image Facebook : Tink Purcell)

Credit Image: Facebook / Tink Purcell

Chicago Party III (Credit Image Facebook : Tink Purcell)

Credit Image: Facebook / Tink Purcell

Scores of people have shown up for a big house party overnight in Chicago, defying the coronavirus lockdown and ban on large gatherings. The gathering came as the US Covid-19 tally approached the 1 million cases mark.

Footage from the unknown location in Chicago, Illinois was streamed online by the revelers and showed a house packed with young people dancing and chatting.

Some revelers were apparently aware of the whole coronavirus pandemic that is plaguing the globe, as they were seen wearing face masks – or the protective implements dangled around their faces at least. Still, using them likely had zero effect, given the scores of people just inches away.

It was not immediately clear how many people attended the party, with some revelers claiming about 1,000 showed up. Other party-goers, however, denied such estimates.

“There were about 1,000 people in the yard and in the house. It was really crowded and hot,” a woman said to have attended the party told MTO News.

Even if there were not a thousand people, the party broke every anti-coronavirus rule possible – gatherings of more than 10 are banned in Chicago, while the public is barred from leaving their homes except for essential trips.

Local police were unable to tell where the party took place precisely. Still, they vowed to disperse any such gatherings if they see one.

“CPD will disperse crowds in violation of social distancing requirements, and if necessary, issue citations or as a last resort, enforce via arrest,” the police said.

Footage from the party promptly went viral on social media, with many expressing regrets they missed it. Others, however, scolded the revelers for selfishness and lack of self-discipline.

The state of Illinois has nearly 42,000 confirmed coronavirus cases, including some 1,900 deaths. Nationwide, the US coronavirus tally is approaching the 1 million mark, while over 205,000 people have already succumbed to the disease.