Posted on April 23, 2020

Inmate Called Rocky Music Released over Coronavirus Fears Rearrested After ‘Carjacking Driver 37 Minutes Later’

David Boroff, The Sun, April 23, 2020

An inmate called Rocky Music who was released due to coronavirus fears in California committed a carjacking 37 minutes later – and then tried to steal another vehicle before he was arrested, cops said Wednesday.

Music was initially booked Sunday morning for swiping a car, but was set free 12 hours later due to the COVID-19 “court-mandated zero bail schedule,” according to the sheriff’s office.

The coronavirus policy for vulnerable minor offenders had gone into effect earlier this month, according to The East Bay Times.

“Because of the judicial council’s emergency bail schedule, we will be releasing people we would not normally be releasing,” Alameda County Sheriff’s Sgt. Ray Kelly told the newspaper.

“Individuals can continue to commit crimes and be released on a daily basis.

“That’s concerning for public safety. He could steal a car every day and he would just cycle through.”

Music did not stay out of the Santa Rita Jail for long.

Cops say he committed a carjacking 37 minutes later at a train station.

He drove the vehicle to a gas station in San Ramon, but cops interrupted another alleged carjacking attempt.

Music fled on foot, but police officers apprehended him with the help of their K9 unit.

The suspect was treated for K9 injuries and booked right back into the Santa Rita Jail.

“We believe he will not be released again due to the violent nature of his crime spree,” said the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Kelly told the Danville/San Ramon news outlet that one person in Alameda County has been arrested five times and another person has been busted three times since the coronavirus policy was put in place.

There have been 33,000 coronavirus cases in California with more than 1,200 deaths.