Posted on April 14, 2020

French Economist: EU Risks ‘Suicide’, Could Collapse over Coronavirus

Chris Tomlinson, Breitbart, April 13, 2020

French economist Jean-Paul Fitoussi is the latest financial expert to sound the alarm that a lack of solidarity in dealing with the coronavirus pandemic could spell the end of the European Union (EU).

Professor Fitoussi said the EU must act to aid countries affected by coronavirus and create a Europe-wide investment plan. Otherwise, the bloc itself could face “a destiny of underdevelopment”, he warned.


He went on to criticise the decision by several of the wealthier EU member-states to reject the so-called Eurobond proposal which would underwrite the debt of countries like Italy and Spain which have been hardest hit by the Wuhan virus.


“If there is no real solidarity, a real mutualisation of the debt, we will either continue to go even further underwater or do something politically incorrect but inevitable: say ‘enough’ and get out,” Fitoussi added.


In Italy, populist League leader Senator Matteo Salvini has criticised the European Union’s response to the coronavirus. {snip}

“Let’s take back our country into our hands without going cap in hand to anyone. Long live Italy and long live the Italians,” Salvini, a long-time eurosceptic, added.