Posted on March 30, 2020

Arkansas Mom and Daughter Are Murdered by Same Man 23 Years Apart, Then Killer Drowns Himself

KC Baker, People, March 26, 2020

Travis Lewis

Travis Lewis

Tragedy struck the same Arkansas family twice — both times at the hands of the same man.

On Wednesday, an ex-convict returned to the upscale lakeside Arkansas neighborhood where he’d fatally shot a 75-year-old woman and her 52-year-old nephew 23 years earlier, say authorities. Once there, he murdered the woman’s daughter and then drowned himself after fleeing from police.


Authorities are investigating why Lewis killed McKay after murdering McKay’s mother, Sally Snowden McKay, 75, and her nephew, Lee Baker, 52, a well-known blues rock guitarist, on Sept. 10, 1996, when he was just 16.


The history between Lewis and McKay, and her mother and cousin — members of the powerful Snowden family which owned much of the property in the area, including The Peabody, a historic hotel in Memphis — is unclear.

His parents had once lived on property on Horseshoe Lake owned by the Snowden family, the Commercial Appeal has reported.

Charged as an adult in the notorious Horseshoe Lake murders, Lewis pleaded guilty to the murders and was sentenced to 28.5 years in prison.

He was paroled in 2018 after serving 23 years of his sentence.

Residents are shocked that yet another murder has taken place in their usually tranquil neighborhood.

“We locked our doors and remained inside and prayed for the best,” one neighbor who saw police patrolling the lake told Fox 13.

“It’s just a scary thing that’s happened,” the neighbor said. “We are praying for the family.”