Posted on January 21, 2020

Media, Hollywood Paint Virginia Rally as ‘Extremist’ and Violent Despite Its Uneventful Nature

RT, January 20, 2020

Talking heads in the media and Hollywood tried to paint the pro-Second Amendment supporters in Richmond, Virginia as racist or potentially violent, creating a much gloomier image than the one that transpired in reality.

Folks walking around the Virginia State Capitol in Richmond with semi-automatic weapons strapped over their shoulders had anti-gun activists up in arms and concerned, but the pro-Second Amendment protest — which was against new anti-gun measures proposed by Governor Ralph Northam — ended up being quite peaceful.

‘Westworld’ actor Jeffrey Wright was similarly bothered by the gun-wielding protesters. He tweeted that the protest was “gun circle jerk” and said it had a “Klan-like rally smell” to it. This is despite the fact that plenty of videos and pictures showed minorities protesting for gun rights too.

“This is what’s happening in Virginia right now. Trump’s America,” Democrat activist and ‘Charmed’ actress Alyssa Milano tweeted in response to a video of protesters showing up, sporting rifles and tactical gear.

“This is NOT what the founders had in mind when writing the 2nd [Amendment]. THIS IS NOT MY AMERICA!” filmmaker Morgan J. Freeman wrote about the same video.

Mainstream media outlets got serious pushback from supporters of the rally and rally attendees for their coverage of the day’s events.

MSNBC correspondent Gabe Gutierrez found himself in hot water when he tweeted a video of a large group of protesters saying the pledge of allegiance and captioned the video with: “Chants of ‘we will not comply’ from gun rights protesters in Richmond.”

Since the audio in the video did not match what Gutierrez was saying, commentators like Ben Shapiro and Dana Loesch immediately descended on the man.

“We all have ears, dude. That’s not what they’re chanting,” Shapiro tweeted.

Hours after his original post, Gutierrez posted the actual video of protesters chanting, “we will not comply.” This video was of a much smaller group and its delayed posting led to more criticism.

“This should have been first with the proper context. I see no problem with law-abiding Americans peacefully assembling, as is their right, stating that they will not comply with unlawful orders that rob them of constitutionally protected rights,” Loesch wrote in response to the new video.

Gutierrez later found himself heckled while he was reporting on camera from the rally. One person interrupted his broadcast by saying, “Piece of s**t … F**k you!”

MSNBC, Huffington Post and other outlets promoted the idea that thousands of “extremists” and “white nationalists” would descend on Virginia in support of gun rights, the coverage ended up being a far cry from the predicted doom.

MSNBC reporter Ben Collins deleted a tweet where he called the rally a “white nationalist rally.”

CNN said ahead of the rally that the FBI was working with law enforcement to prepare for “threats of violence.” They later had to report that the event ended “peacefully.”

One video even showed protesters cleaning up after themselves as the rally came to a close.