Posted on January 7, 2020

Guess Who Runs the Rudest Cities in America

Noel S. Williams, American Thinker, January 6, 2020

Recently, an oft-cited Business Insider survey ranked the rudest cities in America.  The top 10 are all bastions of misguided liberalism.  They are sanctuaries to illegal aliens and often hostile towards law-abiding citizens by imposing oppressive taxes and silly regulations and by encouraging lawlessness by handcuffing law enforcement.

Intrigued, I compared the Business Insider list to a survey that ranks cities on a conservative-liberal spectrum, and to other surveys that rank by friendliness, safety, and crime.  The results are insightful: independent surveys indicate that the rudest, most dangerous, and least friendly cites are overwhelmingly liberal and sanctuary cities.  Moreover, some conservative cities that rank more favorably are larger than a few of the degenerate liberal cities.

Let’s start by comparing a list of the most liberal cities, as compiled by The Economist and published by Forbes, to the Business Insider list of rudest cities.  It’s uncanny: two completely separate surveys are almost interchangeable.  Indeed, seven cities are on both lists, while neither of the ignominious lists has a single conservative (mostly) city.  Juxtaposed is Forbes’s list of the most dangerous cities.

Forbes’s most liberal cities Business Insider rudest cities Most dangerous cities
San Francisco New York Detroit
Washington D.C. Los Angeles St. Louis
Seattle Washington, D.C. Oakland
Oakland Chicago Memphis
Boston Boston Birmingham
Minneapolis Detroit Atlanta
Detroit Buffalo Baltimore
New York Baltimore Stockton
Buffalo Philadelphia Cleveland
Baltimore San Francisco Buffalo

It just jumps out at you:  the rudest, most crime-infested cites are exclusively liberal.  This is not just a function of size, as Jacksonville, for example, has a larger population than San Francisco, Seattle, D.C., and Boston.  You’d expect that it would be riddled with big-city problems including crime and rudeness; however, it is ranked the 17th rudest, well below the putrid liberal bastions.  The contrast with other conservative cities, demonstrated below, is even starker.

None of the cities that manages to eke out a little conservatism, at least by city standards, makes either the rudest or most dangerous cities list:

Forbes’s Most Conservative Cities
Mesa, Ariz.
Oklahoma City
Virginia Beach
Colorado Springs
Arlington, Texas
Aurora, Colo.

Conservative cities do tend to be friendlier, however.   Consider Omaha and Oklahoma City, and even Charleston (relatively conservative by city standards).  Corroborating this is the Reader’s Choice Awards survey, put out by Conde Nast Traveler.

Granted, most large cities are run by demented Dems, making the notion of rude cities somewhat self-evident.  Nevertheless, several of the most dangerous cities are smaller than medium-sized cities that lean conservative.  For example, Oklahoma City, ranked the 2nd most conservative by Forbes and 8th most friendly according to Big Seven Travel, is bigger than Memphis, Baltimore, Oakland, Cleveland, Birmingham, St. Louis, and Stockton — all cities with the dubious distinction of rating highly on Forbes’s most dangerous list.  Omaha, 8th most conservative and 7th friendliest, is about the same size, population-wise, as Oakland but is bigger than Cleveland, Birmingham, St. Louis, and Stockton.

Here’s a list compiled by the Immigration Reform Law Institute.  It reveals the destitution of liberal policies, showing the top 10 sanctuary cities with the highest crime rates:

Sanctuary communities with highest crime
San Francisco
New York
Montgomery County, Md. and Fairfax County, Va.
Prince George’s County, Md.
Santa Clara County, Calif.

Liberal apologists will advance specious arguments that illegal aliens don’t commit the most crimes, but that entirely misses the point — all these crimes are preventable!  In addition to the untold misery (imprisoned by P.C., some jurisdictions don’t even track the stats, lest they offend the loony leftists) the crimes inflict upon citizens, it costs a lot to lock the criminals up — presuming they are prosecuted, and presuming that some liberal judge-cum-legislator doesn’t release them prematurely.

There’s also a study, awaiting peer review but still posted on the Social Science Research Network, that ranks states by the number of psychopaths it harbors. Here’s that disturbing list:

States with most psychopaths States with least psychopaths
Connecticut West Virginia
California Vermont
New Jersey Tennessee
New York/Wyoming North Carolina
Maine New Mexico
Wisconsin Oklahoma
Nevada Montana
Illinois Mississippi
Virginia Indiana

Maybe it’s an astonishing coincidence that a big majority of states with the most psychos are liberal; then again, Trump Derangement Syndrome and the debilitating disease of liberalism may be contributing to their psychopathology and disinhibition.  Illinois is noteworthy because it foisted upon us an effete and unaccomplished senator who wielded his narcissistic selfie stick and who brought psychopathy into to the White House.

While we’re at the state level, let’s note that the friendliest states have a conservative bent, per Big Seven Travel.  Notable exceptions are “Minnesota Nice” and Hawaii, where they’re encouraged to schmooze with revenue-producing tourists:

Most friendly states Least friendly states
Minnesota New York
Tennessee Arkansas
South Carolina Delaware
Texas Massachusetts
Wyoming New Jersey
Indiana Washington
Colorado New Hampshire
Kansas Nevada
Oklahoma Florida
Hawaii Rhode Island

This is important because when wayward liberal city mayors run amok, Republican state legislatures can discipline them by asserting the pre-eminence of state law.  Indeed, state legislatures often introduce laws pre-empting runaway cities.

To summarize: The rudest, least friendly, and most dangerous cities are ravaged by ill conceived liberalism.  At great personal and financial expense, they often mollycoddle illegal aliens.  More conservative cities are friendlier and more hospitable.  Conservative-leaning states are also friendlier.

There is also a bifurcation between ürban uber-liberals and rural conservative strongholds. Hopefully, this will self-correct: with maturity, the city-dwelling Millennials will gain more experience and integrate more complex information, thereby ridding themselves of their postmodern educational indoctrination.  For those with the mental fortitude to exorcise their intolerant liberal demons, their level of consciousness will rise commensurately.  Eventually, their liberal bleeding hearts will succumb to conservative brains.  In the meantime, please remain in your stinky, crime-ridden asphalt jungles, and leave our pleasant conservative enclaves to thrive.