Posted on November 18, 2019

Disney Plus Service: Company ‘Warns’ Us About Racist Stereotypes

Wayne Dupree, LifeZette, November 18, 2019

I was relieved to see that warning — but I didn’t need it.

The new Disney Plus service — its ad-free, on-demand streaming service that was just released a few days ago — carries a warning on its old movies and shows.

That warning reads: “This program is presented as originally depicted. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.”

For some people, however, that wasn’t enough to admit that the company’s entertainment could be seen as racist.

Check out this tweet below:


There’s a growing clamor today for us to erase the past, to pretend it didn’t happen — and that is the one sure route to repeating the same mistakes.

Yes, warn younger parents who may not be familiar with some of these classic stories that they are not sanitized.

But do not remove them.

Do not edit them.

This happened.

This was real.

We need to make sure we do not erase our history — and we need to make sure our children recognize why it’s no longer acceptable.

By the way, there are some seriously racist white depictions in Disney movies, too.

All of the movies had stereotypes in them, mostly for humor rather than any realistic representation.