Posted on July 15, 2019

Top BBC Soap Opera Features Storyline About Man Converting to Islam to Find “Peace”

Paul Joseph Watson, Summit News, July 12, 2019

Taxpayer funded BBC has inserted a storyline into its most popular soap opera about a man who after leaving prison converts to Islam to find “peace”.

“EastEnders‘ Bobby Beale (Clay Milner Russell) will explore the Islamic faith as he adapts to life on the outside after being jailed for murdering his sister – and the soap is working closely with the Muslim Youth Helpline to portray the positive impact of religion on the troubled teenager,” reports the Radio Times.

In the storyline, Beale was imprisoned for killing his sister but “starts to make peace with his violent past” after being given a copy of a Koran by a Muslim friend.


Zohra Khaku, Director of the Muslim Youth Helpline, said the plot was an opportunity to portray Islam “as a positive influence”.


Islamic radicalization in British prisons is a huge problem, with many leaving jail as extremists having been groomed by hate preachers.

A report by the Independent last year described how “British prisons became a breeding ground for Islamist extremism”.


While Islam is being portrayed as the “peaceful” option, another UK soap opera, Hollyoaks, recently featured a plot, developed in coordination with the British government, where a character was radicalized by a dangerous right-wing extremist group.