Posted on October 6, 2018

Comments of the Week, October 6, 2018

AR Staff, American Renaissance, October 6, 2018

This week we will be featuring ten of the most interesting, amusing, and flattering letters to the editor American Renaissance received back in its print days. Each letter is posted as a comment by Chris Roberts, but the author of the letter can be found at the end of each letter.

On “Mexico Moves North

On “Don’t Write Off the Liberals

On “Who Still Believes in Integration?

On “A Libertarian for Our Side” The author of this letter has written for American Renaissance a few times, see his author archives here.

On “A Libertarian for Our Side

On “Who Are the Jews?

On “The Story of One Black Slave Owner” — you can find a number of Sam Dickson’s American Renaissance speeches on our YouTube page.

On “The Black-Jewish Alliance

On “Morality and Racial Consciousness

On “Sowing the Seeds of Destruction: Gunnar Myrdal’s Assault on America