Posted on July 12, 2018

Police: Laughing Babysitters Taunted Crying Baby with Taser in Snapchat Video

Chelsea Robinson, KETV-TV, July 11, 2018

Three teenage girls have been arrested in Arkansas after a Snapchat video allegedly showed them terrorizing a baby.


The mother of a 1-year-old girl had brought her child in after seeing a disturbing video on social media. The video “appeared to depict three female teens laughing hysterically while taunting the baby girl with a Taser, which caused the child to scream and sob in uncontrollable fear,” according to a police report.

“In the video, you can see and hear the electric prongs on the Taser lighting up,” Officer Brittani A. Little wrote in the report.

One of the teens then “walks to the end of the bed and stretches her arm out and zaps the Taser two more times in the child’s direction,” police said.


At one point, the teens continue to laugh and joke as one of them hits the child in the back of the head.

Doctors evaluated the child and determined she was unhurt.


[Editor’s Note: Portions of the Snapchat video are available with the original story.]