Posted on April 30, 2018

Leftist Attacks Dallas City Council Meeting over Confederate Monuments

Patrick Howley, Big League Politics, April 26, 2018

A man was very unhappy that the Dallas City Council voted Thursday to wait before potentially destroying the city’s Pioneer Park, which houses the Confederate War Memorial.

The Left is unhappy that the City Council has not yet completely razed the park and the historic memorial to soldiers who gave their lives on American soil.


Andrew Duncomb, also known as “Black Rebel,” took the video, and is opposed to the removal of Confederate statues. As a member of the Hiwaymen, he has fought against the removal of statues across the country, most notably in New Orleans, LA.

Big League Politics reached out to Duncomb, who stated that he was happy that they at least stalled the proposal.

“We went down there to try to encourage them not to remove the statue, as a last chance effort,” Duncomb stated. “The odds were against us, but we created enough blowback to at least delay it.”

The man in the video who attempted to attack the City Council, John Fullenwider, is well known. Duncomb believes he is affiliated with some of the local antifa and Occupy Wall Street groups. Fullenwider has been involved in attempting to take down the statue in question since 1992.


Now that the statue of Lee has been taken down, activists like Ekstrom see it as an opportunity to mobilize voters against the removal of further statues. Conservative Response Team has spent tens of thousands of dollars on radio ads encouraging citizens to call Texas Governor Greg Abbot in support of a measure to protect confederate monuments.


While the odds seem to currently be stacked against those in support of removing Confederate monuments, they are not giving up. Conservative Response Team has pledged to fight until the state of Texas protects monuments from left-wing city councils.