Posted on January 15, 2018

UKIP Chief’s Mistress Evicted from Party for “Racist” Texts

Brittany Vonow and Hugo Gye, The Sun, January 15, 2018

Embattled Ukip boss Henry Bolton has dumped his racist mistress — but vowed to protect her, saying he won’t “throw her to the wolves”.

Jo Marney has reportedly run away to Disneyland after it was revealed she had sent vile messages to a friend about Meghan Markle.

Livid party chiefs had issued Mr Bolton with an ultimatum to break up with the part-time model after her offensive texts came to light.

He revealed they have broken up but claimed his enemies were attacking her in order to get to him, and insisted he would not totally abandon her.

Speaking outside the family home this morning, Miss Marney’s mother Jayne claimed she had “gone to Disneyland” and was not available to talk.

Bolton told Good Morning Britain today: “As of last night the romantic side of our relationship has ended.

“We had that conversation last night when I returned from Yorkshire — it was a long and upsetting conversation for both of us.

“At the moment, it’s obviously quite incompatible to continue the relationship.”

He said he had been shocked by the messages, adding: “I don’t defend these comments whatsoever and indeed Jo has been suspended [from the party] pending an investigation under the normal rules of the party for such things.”

He added that Marney was “absolutely distraught” after the messages had been revealed.

But when probed about his future in politics, he refused to step down, saying: “I am not intending to resign, at all.”

He later today spoke to talkRADIO, saying that attention on his former girlfriend had taken its toll, saying: “Jo has come as near to suicidal than I have ever known anybody to be”.

Admitting that he had “huge feelings” for her, he added: “Love the sinner, not the sin.”

While saying that the comments were “indefensible” he said he would not “throw her to the wolves”.

He told talkRADIO this morning that she was “as near to suicidal as I’ve known anyone to be” over the debacle.

His third wife Tatiana, whom he walked out on days before Christmas, said she was relieved by the split because she worried the affair could harm her children.

She told MailOnline: “I must say I was quite relieved because I was extremely worried for my children being in contact with their father in the future whilst he is in that damaging relationship.

“He has now left his lover but based on her racist comments, which had a direct impact on his political future, and not because he realized of the terrible mistake he has done by treating us, his family, the way he did.”

Mrs Bolton said she was unlikely to get back together with the Ukip boss because he was “unloyal” and “dishonest” when they broke up last month.

And in a further humiliation for the struggling politician, it emerged today that Mr Bolton has to sell his flat after racking up a £28,000 bill for unpaid service charges.

Today Suzanne Evans, Ukip’s former deputy leader, became the latest senior party figure to turn on Mr Bolton, saying “with a very heavy heart” that he should resign as leader.

She added, “I think he’s brought the party into disrepute” — and predicted he will be thrown out by party grandees if he doesn’t go of his own accord.

Jo Marney branded Prince Harry’s fiancée “a negro” and a “dumb little actress”, and claimed “her seed will taint our Royal Family”.

She was suspended by Ukip on Saturday night, after the Daily Mail revealed her vile rants.

Last night more sick comments were unearthed — including joking with a pal about raping BABIES.

The Sun also revealed that the glamour model had claimed women refugees heading to the UK would “f** a mangey dog for about 10 quid and a big mac” in another rant.

She has apologised for the comments, saying: “I’m absolutely devastated by the messages that I’ve sent and the distress I’ve caused by those messages.

‘They were unnecessary, they were reckless, they were overly exaggerated purely for effect.”

Bolton, 54, is already under huge pressure after he left his wife for Marney, 25.

Revealing the ultimatum, Ukip Party Chairman Paul Oakden told BBC One Sunday Politics: “I think it’s very clear that Henry is increasingly in a position where he’s got some difficult decisions to make.

“He knows that. He and I have spoken regularly over the weekend, as recently as this morning.

“I’m sure whatever he does will be in the best interests of the party.”

A senior party figure last night said his fate may already be sealed.