Posted on October 5, 2017

Children in the Line of Fire in Fatal Steele Drive Shooting

Karl Etters, Tallahassee Democrat, October 3, 2017

Three young children were caught in the line of fire during a fatal shooting on Steele Drive last week.

Court documents filed Tuesday with the booking of murder suspect Calvin Holiday describe a chaotic Sunday night scene in which the children – all under 8 years old – were in a vehicle pockmarked by .40 caliber bullets.


Arrest papers released last week by Tallahassee Police were heavily redacted to conceal the names of witnesses to the shooting.

Taris Nickolas, 40, was shot and killed after he tried to intervene in a disagreement between Holiday and a man, Lee Claridy Jr., who was dating the mother of Holiday’s children.

Claridy, 30, was shot in the stomach.


As they were leaving, Claridy’s girlfriend was loading her children into her vehicle parked to the left of the duplex. Then Holiday pulled up, parked to the right of Nickolas’ vehicle and confronted Claridy with a handgun.


Nickolas’ killing marks the 16th locally this year, putting the county on pace to surpass the 17 killed in 2012 and 2014.

Several of the most recent shootings have been linked to arguments between suspects and victims. Law enforcement officials are working to teach people they can solve their differences without pulling a trigger.


Calvin Holiday