Posted on July 3, 2017

Official Used Burner Phone to Fake Racist “Redneck” Threats

Daniel Greenfield, Frontpage Mag, July 3, 2017

Brian K. Telfair

Brian K. Telfair

How to fake a hate crime for fun and profit.

St. Petersburg’s former City Attorney Brian Telfair said on February 16, 2016 the first threat came in the form of an email the previous Saturday.

“It basically said Petersburg was a city full of N words,” Telfair told Hipolit that day.

He said the second threat was made on February 16, 2016 over the phone.

“It was a physical threat of physical harm to certain individuals, council members, city staff, members of the administration,” Telfair told Hipolit that day.

You’ll never believe who sent them. Or maybe you will.

Former Petersburg City Attorney Brian K. Telfair asked a city employee to buy a prepaid cellphone that he later used to make a phone call to himself — a call that Telfair told police was made by an unknown “redneck” caller who made racist threats to the mayor and two other city officials, according to court records.

“Telfair stated he made the telephone call to himself that was reported to Petersburg Bureau of Police as a threatening phone call,” according to a police narrative in the court file of a Jan. 30 interview of Telfair by Virginia State Police special agents. “Mr. Telfair also stated that he made the telephone call to preserve the institution of the city.”

According to the police narrative in Telfair’s court file, Nykesha Jackson, clerk of the Petersburg City Council, told investigators that Telfair asked her whether she knew of a store that sold telephones, and she mentioned Family Dollar. Jackson said Telfair then gave her some money to purchase a “burner phone” and have it activated, which she did.

Telfair told investigators that between 4 and 5 p.m. on Feb. 16, he received a call on his office phone from a “male who he assumed was white because he spoke redneck,” according to the police narrative.

But remember black on white racism doesn’t exist. According to the left, that’s something called “reverse racism” and is a myth.