Posted on June 6, 2017

Investigation Continues After Noose Found at DC’s African American Museum

FOX 5, June 5, 2017

Five days after a noose was found in DC’s African American history museum, many people are puzzled and concerned as to why more information– specifically, surveillance video from inside the museum– has not been released to the public, and why investigators have not released details about a possible suspect or suspects in the case.

A noose was found by a tourist inside the segregation gallery at the Smithsonian Museum of African American History and Culture on Wednesday afternoon. Since it was discovered, there have been reports that surveillance video was recorded inside the gallery, but officials have yet to release any details on what might have been captured on tape.

On Monday afternoon, a museum official told FOX 5’s Kristyn Leon they have “no interest in sharing the video,” but didn’t say why. Earlier in the day, another museum spokesperson said it’s part of protocol to turn over any surveillance video that might exist to police as part of the investigation process. In this case, the spokesperson also said they’re not even sure that video of the person or person who hung the noose inside the museum’s gallery even exists, and they couldn’t talk about what was on the video that has been turned over to U.S. Park Police.