Posted on March 6, 2017

Polls Measure Americans’, Mexicans’ Views of Each Other in Trump Era

Mark Browne, CNS News, March 2, 2017

Americans’ views of Mexico are the most favorable seen in a decade – although the differences between Republicans and Democrats are stark.

Polling by Gallup has found that “nearly two-thirds” of Americans now view Mexico favorably – up from a “near record” low of 45 percent in 2011 – and the most favorable seen in “over a decade.”

Sixty-four percent of Americans said they had “very” or “mostly” favorable views of Mexico, according to a Gallup poll taken last month.


According to Gallup, 83 percent of Democrats report having “very” or “mostly favorable” perceptions of Mexico, compared to 46 percent of Republicans and 65 percent of independents.

Gallup called the opinion divide along party lines of “little surprise … given the campaign promises that led to [President Donald] Trump’s win.”


South of the border, Mexicans’ view of their country’s relationship with the U.S. has shifted 180 degrees between 2015 and today, according to another survey.

Forty-nine percent of Mexicans say they have a “bad” or “very bad” view of the relationship, according to data released by the Mexico City polling firm Parametria.

In 2015, by contrast, 49 percent of Mexicans said they had a “very good” or “good” opinion of relations between the neighboring countries.

Mexican public opinion about relations with the U.S. began to shift during the Trump campaign, according to Francisco Abundis, Parametria’s founder.


Parametria’s survey also found that 62 percent of Mexicans want their president to defend Mexico’s interests when dealing with Trump, even if it means “confronting” the American president.


The survey of 1,200 Mexicans by Parametria taken in January also found a majority of Mexicans (55 percent) now favor closer ties with countries in Latin America rather than with the U.S. – a finding Abundis described as “historic.”

Only 32 percent of Mexicans said Mexico should maintain close ties with the U.S.