Posted on November 8, 2016

Man, 42, Surrenders to Police After Fatally Punching a 64-Year-Old Man

Daily Mail, November 8, 2016

A man wanted for fatally-punching a 64-year-old man five months ago, turned himself into police in Brooklyn, New York on Monday.

Mathew Smith, 42, surrendered to police at the 75th Precinct stationhouse in East New York and has since been charged with criminally negligent homicide and assault.

The charges come five months after Smith was caught on CCTV footage fatally punching 64-year-old Patrick Gorman in Queens.

Police believe Gorman accidentally bumped into Smith’s wife, 39-year-old Elena Makarova, and told her ‘I’m sorry, excuse me’.

Matt Smith and Elena Makarova

Matt Smith and Elena Makarova

Smith somehow interpreted that as an affront to his wife and punched Gorman.

The couple left the man to die at a busy intersection. While Gorman was rushed to the hospital, he was later pronounced dead.

After the attack, Smith added insult by bragging about the attack on Facebook.

‘Dude thought it was ok to disrespect wifey while on the bus thinkin’ nobody was gonna pop up. Not gonna go into details but I had to smack’em to sleep,’ Smith wrote later that day. ‘I kinda feel bad though cause of what he had to deal with last night on Queens Blvd.’

Two days ago, Makarova–who remains at large–defended her husband’s actions in her own Facebook post.

‘Tmes (sic) and so relevant!!! I love you hunny. Hold ur head! It’s so ignorant of people to jut read the papers and take it as if God talking!!! Nobody shows the footage where this man pushed me, curse me out, called matt n/[email protected]…I’m not feeding into this s***. All I can say is get ur facts straight!’ the post reads.

Investigators were able to identify Smith from a mugshot of him from a prior arrest which matched the surveillance video.

A tipster also came forward to identify Smith and his wife, Elena Makarova, 39, but the couple are nowhere to be found. Cops are asking for help from the public to help track them down.

On Monday, Smith posted a cryptic message that may hint at his intentions to go into hiding: ‘I’m so glad there’s so many people with my name on this s***. Do not look for me at all. Lol.’

The footage was only released by cops this week despite the incident happening almost five months ago.

It shows an injured Mr Gorman struggling to get up as his Smith strolls away with his wife by his side as if nothing had happened.

Mr Gorman was left lying on the sidewalk and and fighting for his life.

EMS responded to the scene and took him to a local hospital before he was pronounced dead.

The Medical Examiner ruled last week that he died from a combination of the punch, complications from a stroke and a contributing heart condition. The death was classed as a homicide.

An online obituary revealed Mr Gorman is survived by his two sisters and a brother and was a lifelong sports fan, ‘dedicated’ to the Red Sox, Mets ‘and all things baseball, hockey, basketball and football’.

They have criticized the cops for taking so long to release the footage.

‘The video could have been released the last week in June or the first week in July,’ said Bryan Gorman, the victim’s brother.

‘Between the time it happened and last week, it seemed like there really wasn’t much being done on it.’