Posted on November 21, 2016

Kanye West Has Canceled the Rest of His U.S. Saint Pablo Tour

David Canfield, Slate, November 21, 2016

Following a weekend of intense scrutiny and backlash, a representative for Kanye West has confirmed that West has canceled all remaining U.S. dates on his Saint Pablo tour. The trouble for the hip-hop sensation started Thursday night, when he outed himself as a Donald Trump supporter onstage and urged black Americans to stop “talking about race so much.” But there was more controversy to come.

West’s Sacramento, California, show on Saturday night lasted 30 minutes and ended on an abrupt note after he’d performed only three songs. According to Billboard’s report, West arrived to the venue 90 minutes late and, after a promising start, went on to lambaste Beyoncé and Jay-Z, Hillary Clinton, and the entire radio industry. (“Radio, fuck you! Oh yeah, I’m on my Trump shit tonight. Radio, fuck you!”)