Posted on September 2, 2016

Couple Leaves Chicago After 1 Day, Moves Back to Arizona Because of Crime

Fox 5, September 2, 2016

A newlywed couple raised in Arizona created a successful YouTube business. Then they decided it was time to leave the valley and explore life, so they moved to Chicago.

But one day after arriving in the “Windy City,” their big move turned into a big nightmare.

“It’s one of the most amazing cities in America,” said Brianna White.

“Hey, why not, we’re doing okay. We can go there and be okay financially, so why not go and see what happens,” said Jaelin White.

But what happened next terrified the Whites. All unpacked, the couple took the train to get a bite to eat.

“A guy comes up to us and starts trying to ask questions.”

“I’m trying to be nice, realizing something’s strange.”

The stranger followed the couple off the train and down the street.

“I don’t know what he wants, he could have a gun, he could have a knife.”

They darted into a Subway restaurant, hoping he’d leave them alone.”

“He’s like looking through the window at us and stuff.”

“When he wouldn’t leave, the couple called Uber and 9-1-1 for help. In the meantime, Jaelin tried to talk to the stranger.”

“I was like, hey man, do you need anything? You want a sandwich? He’s like, ‘No, I’m hanging around’ in a creepy tone.”

What happened next, no one expected.

“My whole world was flipped upside down.”

“I go to walk out and he just clocks me.”


“The next day, we decided well, we’re probably going to see that guy on the train. Probably not worth it. I mean, let’s go back home.”

More than 1.4 million people have watched the couple’s story on YouTube and some critics are saying they made the whole thing up. {snip}