Posted on August 27, 2016

Comments of the Week, August 27, 2016

AR Staff, American Renaissance, August 27, 2016

As comments are such an essential part of American Renaissance, we have decided to start posting our favorites from the preceding week every Saturday. Here are this week’s:

Just because these two people have white privilege it does not mean all whites have it made like they do.

Bobbi on “Clinton and Kaine Are Challenging White Americans on Racial Issues

If we put aside the discussion about the Wall, or my alternative idea that does not involve a brick wall (that I have not discussed), we do need to consider the socio-economic-politico impact, not in the US, of the present direction of immigration “events”. We, American citizens, are playing host, by now, to what I would guesstimate is ~20-25 million illegal alien “residents” primarily from Mexico, El Salvador, Honduras, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Panama. Probably the number is higher.

What are the “sociologic” conditions of life that these illegals have fled to get to the USA? Widespread, constant, unending poverty, vast amounts of disease most of which are communicable (rather than diseases of old age such as Americans endure) for which the main consequence is that most of the child mortality (if even tabulated in such countries) is due to such, water “potability” that is at the same level as Liberia, education at any level that is non-existent, a society overall whose level of individual civic “interaction” is about the same and about as widespread as such a concept was in the France of Charlamagne, a real virtually lawless frontier mentality with respect to concepts of law, order, civic responsibity, and civility, and a future that makes death look very desirable. I have not even covered all of it (I will leave that as an exercise for other contributors). In summary it is a very harsh and short life!

But is that a correct statement for everyone who lives in those countries? No, because we know that there is an elite in each of those countries that lives far better than the vast majority of Americans live. This elite are firm believers in 17th and 18th century concepts of civility and governance, and as well are ignorant of science, engineering, law, political thought and any other concepts/ideas that have motivated humans within the last 150 years. This elite laughs at Americans because they do not have to pay any taxes to provide for roads, schooling, medical care, agriculture, infrastructure creation/maintenance, etc., etc. Therefore the elite is very pleased for the stupid Americans to accept their unwashed, diseased, illiterate and innumerate millions; otherwise the elite in those countries would have to pay a lot of taxes to provide for “defensive” forces to protect them and their property from those who have nothing, and therefore have nothing to lose, and would likely rise up in a vast revolt to take what the elite have. Why should we continue to do this?

If we get them ALL OUT of our country and send them back to their countries, fairly soon afterwards we will see very violent revolutions breaking out in those countries. We have actually seen this phenomenon before, in Mexico in 1910, and that revolution a) lasted 10 years, and b) killed off, through, combat, disease and starvation, half of the then population of Mexico. And at that time the US expanded its armed forces and positioned many of them on our southern border so that the violence in Mexico was contained there.

The real culprit in this story are the elites in those countries. They are the ones who created social conditions that create vast hordes of “obsolete farm equipment.” We should not be “recycling” such farm equipment; let those elites do it and if they cannot (primarily because they are almost as “unintelligent” as their unwashed countrymen) let them suffer the consequences (each reader can fill out what would be the expected consequences).

Eternally Antifascist on “Trump Doubles Down on Deportations

“The entirety of Western Civ has been lurching toward Equals Temple cult belief for at least 150 years. In the USA we call(ed) it Progressivist, and it’s as clear an example of the Gnostic Heresy as exists. Its open goal is the same as communism, to “make men better (by force, if needed)” with the Progressives intending to create Heaven on Earth by eliminating sin (sin today is first and foremost racism, as defined by the cultists in peculiar and segmented ways.) By the 1940’s Progressives jettisoned their Protestant labeling and became (ostensibly) secular leftists, still crusading to stamp out sin (and create Utopia.)

There hasn’t been an actual Right in the USA since at least the 1960’s. Practically every thinking person adopted the Equals Temple beliefs, root and branch. In the 1960’s you had the Civil Rights Act, the Immigration Act and imposition of a fully fiat monetary regime, the last of which removed any actual limit on government spending — spending could take place without taxation to fund it because there was no limit to how much debt could be issued, especially once interest rates hit a secular top around 1980 and began their usual cyclical decline. Politicians could spend on guns and butter with no limit, taxes could be kept low and the bonds that were issued were treated just like wealth … i.e., government deficit spending was literally deemed a wealth production machine.

This was all quite insane, but everyone was on board. Anyone who stood up to point out the insanity was immediately labeled a heretic, uttering blasphemy in the sacred halls of America’s Equals Temple. Ostracism was so complete that no one in his right mind publicly questioned the Narrative. This allowed the process to run wild, without any rate-limiter or negative feedback, and collective insanity simply grew at an exponential rate until government is requiring people to let men use the girl’s locker room because they say they’re girls.

There is no fixed limit to how far this can go. If this bout of collective insanity lasts much longer, we can expect political mandates (on pain of fines and jail) to enable things we currently consider felonies. My hope is that current signs point to an imminent reversal.

dc.sunsets on “The Decline and Rise of the Alternative Right

“In the minds of Liberals, “Alt Right” will mean whatever they need it to mean.

Scotty on “Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right

“Up until 2012, I was a staunch liberal who had even voted Green in the past. I would have been a shoe in for Bernie. Growing up on the west coast, there were some blacks but most of the minorities that I went to school and lived around were either Asian or Hispanic. All that I knew about blacks was from the media and from my liberal indoctrination — I remember there once was a time that I celebrated when I saw more blacks in television commercials.

Why the shift? Two words: Trayvon Martin. It made it nearly impossible to stay liberal. I saw whites supporting Martin or Zimmerman, but I noticed blacks ALWAYS sided with Martin no matter what the facts were. You couldn’t even get them to admit that maybe BOTH of the actors in this case were idiots/at fault. I guess I was too young to remember the blind racial solidarity that blacks exhibited when OJ got away with murder- I do remember how all of the sudden OJ made it about race (even though he was running from a police with a disguise in tow), but somehow I was able to put that behind me.

As the Trayvon story began to unravel it became very clear to me that liberals MUST SUPPORT BLACK PEOPLE AND GET BEHIND THEM no matter what — black concerns were always placed above bread and butter “progressive” concerns such as women’s rights, animal rights, or the environment. I noticed EVERYTHING must be dropped in favor of helping and supporting blacks- and that blacks NEVER reciprocated.

I would go to my liberal websites (Alternet was one) to read about current events, only to see article after article bashing white males and telling us what we had to do and how we had to change. I was amazed at how websites that got most of their traffic from white people were so quick to bash them and point to them as the source for all of the world’s evils. There was no place for me in the liberal coalition anymore- no matter how many bridges I had built, in the end I was just a white guy with a target on his forehead and a sign around my neck that read “fair game”.

It just became too much. I saw the liberal establishment sacrificing gain after gain in order to placate and appease blacks, and they were NEVER satisfied.

In order to find more about the current racial events that the MSM and progressive media wouldn’t stray from their narrative, I started doing Google searches and found I lurked for a year or so and have been writing comments there DAILY for the past 3 or more years. It was so refreshing to finally hear some truth without the PC tacked onto it. Soon I was wondering how I was able to go so long without realizing the truth about black behavior and the garbage that is “multiculturalism”.

From there I found and have been posting here as well. No conservative commenters or leaders convinced me to come or led me here. It was black behavior, accusations, and rioting that led me to the alt right. The reason I am telling you all of this is that WHITES don’t make people racist- exposure to black pathology was the main cause. No matter how liberal I was, I could NOT support the causes of thugs who were resisting arrest and had caused their own demise. I couldn’t see how ANYONE could. Who could support Michael Brown after seeing him bully and strong arm a much smaller shopkeeper? Or a man who sold heroin to children, used and abused women, and attempted to get payouts by injuring himself in police custody?

It became clear to me that in the liberal mindset, blacks could do no wrong. How they treated women, animals, their environments, used the N-word and other cuss words like they were going out of style- nothing is unacceptable in the liberal mind.

If you would have told me back in 2012 that I would soon become part of the “alt right” I would have told you without hesitation that you were out of your mind. Over three decades of liberal indoctrination completely erased in nearly a blink of an eye, all thanks to black people and their repulsive behavior. Really, with allies like black people, liberals don’t even need enemies.

The good news is that there are probably millions of people just like me in this country who now identify as alt right but have not yet done so in public. As far as the Clinton camp is concerned, they have locked up my vote and there is nothing to worry about. I would never wear a Trump shirt of Hat out in public, but I am among one of the most avid Trump supporters out there. My own family still believes that I’m liberal, as do all but one of my friends.

Now I blog and comment daily with fervor and do not need to be paid or convinced to do so. I am sick of following the golden rule while minorities don’t reciprocate. I am sick of seeing the American people and major institutions bullied and held hostage by black people just because they can. And all the while, I thought liberals were anti-bully and pro-free speech.

How far they have fallen, I’m just glad I abandoned ship years ago- it has saved my sanity. Now that the alt right has been given the spotlight, it is do or die. Realists have taken over the comment sections at Yahoo News and any other news organization that still allow for comments- even places like HuffPo are awash with realist comments.

People are getting on the same page, it is our job to accept them once they get there.

Slargusparg on “Hillary Clinton and the Alt Right