Posted on May 9, 2016

The Rise of European Advocacy & Trump

Red Ice Radio, May 6, 2016


Jared begins by talking about his recent debate at Kentucky State University with political science professor Dr. Wilfred Reilly, where the great advantage of racial diversity in America was disputed. Jared touches on the media flurry he’s enjoyed as Trump bashers attempt to pin the presidential hopeful to a ‘hate monger,’ and we look at the mainstream silence that characteristically surrounds any reporting on the extent of interracial crime. We weigh up the monumental opportunity for highlighting this hypocrisy that the now delayed trial of Dylann Roof offers if he’s allowed to take the stand and present an explanation for his motives. Then, Jared details the upcoming American Renaissance Conference slated for May 20-22 at Montgomery Bell State Park in Burns, Tennessee. He gives the history of the event that has seen over two decades of significant growth, and talks about the lineup, which includes presentations from Peter Brimelow, Fernando Cortéz, Filip Dewinter, James Edwards, Ruuben Kaalep, RamZPaul, Dan Roodt, Anke Van dermeersch, Sam Dickson, and a special video premier from Uncuck the Right. Hour one concludes with an assessment of Trump’s unapologetic ‘America first’ stance and his savvy appeal to nationalism.


[Editor’s Note: The interview is available at the original article link below.]