Posted on April 8, 2016

Ambulance Stopped by ATVs and Motorcycles While Transporting a Child

Megan Cloherty, WTOP (Washington), April 7, 2016

The District’s Department of Health is issuing a warning to emergency responders after a troubling report of a group of ATV drivers surrounding and stopping a working ambulance in the area of Washington Hospital Center and Children’s National Medical Center.

A commercial ambulance crew told the Department of Health they were swarmed by about 30 ATV and motorcycle riders on March 23 on Michigan Avenue near North Capitol Street.

The incident description said the group blocked the ambulance, which was carrying an intensive care patient being transported to a children’s unit, and forced it to stop even though the ambulance used its lights and sirens in an attempt to get by.

The crew reported one of the drivers opened the ambulance door and accused the ambulance driver of cutting the group off.