Posted on February 10, 2016

Faculty Overwhelmingly Donate to Clinton

Melissa C. Rodman and Luca F. Schroeder, Harvard Crimson, February 10, 2016

Ninety-one percent of contributions to current presidential candidates made by Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers in 2015 went to former Secretary of State Hillary R. Clinton, according to a Crimson analysis of Federal Election Commission filings.

Between April and December of 2015, a total of 81 Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers donated roughly $131,000 to the presidential campaigns of Clinton, Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders, former Florida governor Jeb Bush, Florida senator Marco Rubio, and New Jersey governor Chris Christie.

Of the individuals who donated, 37 gave the maximum contribution for the primary period–$2,700–to Clinton.

Of total donations, just $8,850 went to Republican candidates Bush, Rubio, and Christie. The remaining $3,290 in donations went to Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders. All other candidates–including GOP frontrunners Donald J. Trump and Ted Cruz, who came first in the Iowa caucuses last week–received no contributions from Harvard faculty, instructors, and researchers listed in the FEC filings.