Posted on October 7, 2015

New Analysis Ranks Presidential Candidates By Their Supporters’ Grammar

Emily Atkin, Think Progress, October 6, 2015

Bernie Sanders supporters might think you’re great, but Donald Trump supporters think your an idiot.

Grammar-wise, that’s at least what might be derived from a new analysis released Tuesday by the proofreading app Grammarly. {snip}

To get their results, Grammarly went to each candidate’s Facebook page, taking comments that were at least 15 words long and expressed either positive or neutral feelings about the candidate. Then, researchers randomly selected at least 180 of those comments to analyze for each candidate.

The analysis–intended by Grammarly to be “a lighthearted look at how well the 2016 presidential candidates’ supporters write when they’re debating online”–found that, for every 100 words written, an average Democratic candidate supporter made 4.2 mistakes, while an average Republican candidate backer made 8.7 errors. It also asserted that Democratic supporters have larger vocabularies, using 300 unique words for every 1,000 words they use, compared to Republicans who only use only 245 unique words for every 1,000.


According to the Grammarly, former Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee–likely receiving the best campaign news he’s had in a long time–has the most grammatically savvy supporters. Donald Trump’s backers make the most mistakes.

Here are the top ten candidates (plus Donald Trump) ranked in terms of their Facebook supporters’ grammar skills, according to Grammarly: