Posted on October 27, 2015

Farage More Popular Than Ever: Only Party Leader with Positive Public Rating, 91 Percent of Party Supports Him

Oliver Lane, Breitbart, October 26, 2015

The latest British approval ratings have revealed that UKIP leader and Breitbart London columnist Nigel Farage is more popular than ever, as Britain’s most admired and secure political leader–well ahead of his competition in the establishment parties.

Released by pollsters Ipsos Mori, the new statistics show that Mr. Farage isn’t just the most popular politician among the UK electorate, but is the most admired among his own party members.

He is the only political party leader in the UK who had a positive poll rating across voters of all parties, a finding that skewers critics who argue that he is too “divisive” or “toxic” to have a heavy involvement in the UK-EU referendum campaign.

The aggregate score given to all leaders gave the UKIP leader +9 points–an all time high.

He has a 91 per cent approval rating amongst his party, compared with 85 per cent for Mr Cameron, 61 per cent for Lib Dem Leader Tim Farron, and 64 per cent for Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn. 

Taking a hard line on immigration and opposing the European Union during the summer migrant crisis may be one factor behind his steady growth in the polls, overtaking Prime Minister Cameron’s flat-lining popularity last month.