Posted on October 26, 2015

Brown Berets Homepage

Brown Berets, October 26, 2015

Welcome! This is the ONLY official website of the National Brown Berets. As a legitimate Brown Beret organization we subscribe to the historical and officially approved ideology, mission, codes of conduct, and structure that is documented in countless books, and passed on from the previous generation of Brown Beret veterans.

It is necessary and proper that as we see changes happening in our communities that we respond in like manner to accommodate and respond to those changes. We must bring in a new era of the Chicano Movement in general and a new breed of Brown Berets in particular. We cannot overemphasize the need to make these changes, to bring in much needed reform, and explode on the scene with such passion and fervor that until now has not been seen before.

Our people need us. They are being gunned down on the streets, arrested by the millions and herded like cattle into detention facilities and jails across the u.s. Drug addiction is at an all time high, the drop out rate is skyrocketing, the economy is devastated, our movement is shattered, domestic abuse is rampant and we have a whole generation of children being raised as bastards because of men who are not willing to be honorable and responsible.

It is TIME to reclaim that honor. It is TIME to reclaim our dignity. IT IS TIME TO RECLAIM WHAT IS RIGHTFULLY OURS! We intend to take this message and movement across every city and pueblo throughout our land. Never more will we back down from the abuses that we have received. YA BASTA with the jacked up politics! YA BASTA with the racist pigs! YA BASTA with everything that has been holding us down from achieving happiness, prosperity, and the Chicano Way of Life! We will rise from
the ashes and conquer all of our enemies!