Posted on September 10, 2015

Video Shows Teens Ransacking Harrisburg Convenience Store

Daniel Simmons-Ritchie, Penn Live, September 8, 2015

An unruly group of teenagers left a small trail of destruction in midtown Harrisburg on Saturday night: jumping on cars, smashing off car mirrors, and briefly ransacking a convenience store.

On Monday, the 2nd & Verbeke Mini Market & Gas released surveillance footage of the latter act, which shows about a dozen of the group charging into the store, grabbing candy and bags of chips, before quickly departing.

Ali Bakhtaver, 43, the store owner, was behind the counter at the time of the incident. While a dozen youth entered, he estimated that about 50 others were outside.


Shortly after the youths left the store, one of the teens was shot in the leg, although Bakhtaver said he couldn’t hear any gunshots from inside the store.