Posted on August 10, 2015

Police in Riot Gear Clear Large Crowd of Dirt Bikers in Baltimore

CBS Baltimore, August 9, 2015

A massive police response in the area Druid Hill Park on Sunday night where authorities attempted to disperse hundreds of dirt bikers.


Baltimore police dressed in riot gear lined Reisterstown Road in northwest Baltimore as dirt bikers–posing a risk to drivers and bystanders–scoured the streets.

“They impose a very immediate and extreme danger, to the community as they do not ordinarily follow traffic rules and regulations,” said Marc Partee, Commander North West District.


Police say people begin pelting officers with rocks and objects as authorities demand the crowd to break up and leave the area.

Eventually, some begin to follow orders, but police say this is a problem they deal with every weekend.

“This is not a sport, this is not fun, and it continues to drain my resources and the individuals that actually live in the community are not happy with it all,” Partee said.


According to authorities, a majority of these dirt bikes are stolen and encourage people to report them when spotted.