Posted on June 26, 2015

The Solution to White Privilege: #TakeUsDown

Gregory Hood, American Renaissance, June 26, 2015

Joseph Sobran famously challenged liberals to define a society in which they would be conservatives. Today, the challenge is to define a society in which white people are not racist.

The last half century has seen a continual shifting of the goalposts when it comes to defining “racism.” During the so-called Civil Rights movement, the premise behind every piece of federal legislation was that African-Americans were simply white Americans with a different skin color. Once state barriers were removed, inequality would be a thing of the past. The American conservative movement still believes the United States can “get beyond race” and treat everyone as individuals.

Fifty years since its inception, the Civil Rights movement has not ended inequality or eliminated racial tensions. Instead, entire communities, especially Civil Rights battlefields such as Selma and Birmingham, suffered “white flight” as European-Americans fled the consequences of diversity. And no sooner had race ostensibly been eliminated from American law, it was re-introduced in the form of “Affirmative Action,” or racial preferences directed against whites and Asians.

This, we were told, was necessary to compensate for the past effects of discrimination. And we were also told there was a time limit. Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, writing in 2003 for the majority in Grutter v. Bollinger, claimed that in 25 years they would not longer be needed.

She was wrong, because racism has now been redefined as being “colorblind.” To say “you don’t see race” is to actually admit that you are a racist. Being anti-racist means understanding the systematic role “white privilege” played in stacking the deck against People of Color. (Asians, who outperform whites economically and academically, don’t count.)

Indeed, even whites who are trying to help people of color are often accused of having a “savior complex.” Popular musician Lindsey Stirling, as G-rated an entertainer as could be, found herself called “offensive” for her charity work in Kenya. By simply showing there was poverty in Africa, journalists intoned, she was promoting a hurtful, “antiquated” image of the Dark Continent.

During the Occupy movement, issues of class inequality and protests against Wall Street were quickly subordinated to left-wing identity politics. Whites were relegated to the back of the speaking order at meetings. There have even been clashes between white anarchists and non-white anarchist groups who accuse the former of “gentrification.”

The great political strength of “white privilege” as a concept is its supposed explanatory power and unfalsifiable nature. If every example of racial inequality can be pinned on “white privilege,” no non-white ever has to be responsible for failure.

White privilege has done what was once thought impossible. It allows you to prove a negative because if you do not denounce racism energetically enough, you are racist yourself.

But how are whites supposed to prove they are anti-racist?”

If they move into a black neighborhood, they are colonizers promoting gentrification. If they leave, they are engaging in racist white flight that hurts the community.

If whites do hip-hop or use black slang or fashion symbols, they are guilty of cultural appropriation. If they claim to have their own spiritual or cultural traditions that belong only to them, they are guilty of segregation and racism.

If whites don’t sufficiently ameliorate the suffering of the Third World, they are implicitly admitting their dehumanization of the “Other.” But if they try to help the Third World, they are revealing white supremacy by saying People of Color need to be “saved.”

This is not a bug, but a feature of “white privilege.” There is no situation it does not fit. There is nothing whites can do to prove they are not racist. The only coherent and consistent meaning behind the ideology is that whites–and only whites–are uniquely evil and responsible for suffering in the world.

Every white person, around the world, no matter how self-loathing, is guilty. So why pretend otherwise? Like the aliens in Independence Day, the supposed anti-racists don’t want to co-exist with us. They want us to disappear.

The logical conclusion is not just to take down the Confederate flag, which has already been removed from Walmart, eBay, Amazon, Google Shopping, Sears, the Apple App Store, the Alabama State Capitol, and the gift shops at Fort Sumter and the Gettysburg battlefield. Even taking down the American flag won’t satisfy them.

Fox News personality Gavin McInnes has hit on the perfect solution: “We need to do more than just take down a flag. We need to stand up and recognize the inherent privilege that comes from being white. Please join me by posting pics of yourself taken down.”

We encourage our readers to join the fight against white privilege. Tweet your photos using #TakeUsDown.