Google Images Campaign Wants Search Engine to Stop Seeing White Skin as ‘Default’

Andrew Griffin, Independent, May 27, 2015

A campaigner and artist has launched a new site that hopes to make Google’s image search results more diverse.

At the moment, a search for most generic body parts–like “cute baby” or “arm”–shows people and bodies that are almost entirely white. But as part of a project named World White Web, Johanna Burai hopes to change that.

The almost entirely white results are part of the way that the internet and culture think of whiteness as neutral or the norm, Burai told the Fader.

“This is a crystal clear example of how the norm of whiteness manifests itself–the white body is neutral,” she said. “The search result is just one example of how being white is a norm in society. A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives.”

To try and change the results, Burai has created a special website called World White Web, which includes six different pictures of non-white hands. By encouraging people to link to and share those images, Burai hopes that they can be pushed up Google’s search rankings, helping increase the racial diversity of those search results.

Users can help by heading to the site and using the built-in buttons to share the pictures on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook or Google Plus.

“Sharing on websites like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter can boost the ranking on Google,” Burai writes on the site. “Make sure that you make your posts ‘public’ so that others may share them.”

Burai also says that people who write for a newspaper, blog “or if you reach many online readers through other means, be sure to upload these images and to link to on your site”.

The practise is similar to “Google bombing”, where users intentionally link to and share information so that the search engine’s algorithms will see them as relevant. That has been used to generate offensive and racist results, as well as the more diverse ones that Burai hopes to encourage.

The campaign is part of Burai’s final project at the Stockholm-based Beckmans College of Design, which she has called World White Web.


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  • TruthBeTold

    Once again, the White man invents something and then it has to be co-opted by non-whites.

    • Chip Carver

      I wouldn’t doubt this is a campaign from the usual suspects using this ‘artist’ as a front. A front for another tool to be used for social conditioning. It likely won’t work too well, but they trying to attack every niche they can.

      • Tim_in_Indiana

        Unfortunately, it’s worked far too well in the past. Think of magazine ads, television shows, catalog ads, movies and even comic strips. It works because whites scarcely let out a peep of protest.

        • Cindy

          And this why I stopped watching TV, going to the movies and reading magazines.
          I hope more Whites do the same.
          They need our money to destroy us, let’s stop giving it to them.
          This will be the best way to crush PC.

      • Heinrich


      • TruthBeTold

        I understand that many people believe this is being done to break the will and solidarity of White people and I don’t disagree.

        But there is another aspect.

        are people who believe that the reason non-whites fail to achieve at
        the level of Whites is because non-whites don’t see themselves
        represented in all aspects of society. They actually believe this because they aren’t very smart.

        The problem for them is that it isn’t true. It’s just another liberal theory without merit.

        We have had countless initiatives, programs, and outreach to represent minorities and not one of them has done anything to raise minority achievement.

        The Cosby Show was designed to show a stable, successful black family. Did it do anything to encourage blacks to become doctors and form a strong household? No.

        The promotion of blacks in the media has done nothing to raise the achievement of blacks and they never will.

        Even worse, blacks reject these media representations because they don’t consider them authentically black.

        I’m really tired of seeing the pointless black friend in any tv show or movie when in real life the friend would be white and black friend is pointless propaganda.

        But you’re right. It’s also done to diminish Whites. I call it ‘Search and Destroy’. Find something that is majority White (a city, a school, a TV show, etc) make an issue of it and force them to include blacks.

        • Cindy

          “I’m really tired of seeing the pointless black friend in any tv show or movie when in real life the friend would be white and black friend is pointless propaganda.”

          This drives me crazy! Never even noticed until my eyes were opened by Ferguson. Now that I know the truth, all I see is how blacks are over portrayed in MSM. Can’t watch anymore, I have negro fatigue.

          • Ma’am, I have had that for years.

          • Cindy

            And I give you props for that! I know there are people on AmRen that have known the truth for decades. Must be depressing to watch the decline of Whites year after year, decade after decade.
            Hope I can stay positive now that the scales have fallen from my eyes.

          • blanjm5

            Isn’t it crazy how far the brainwashing gets to you? I became a race realist after policing in the ghetto for a couple of years. Yes, I said years. My brainwashing ran deep.

          • BlueSonicStreak

            Since Ferguson – me too with really “seeing” it.

            One really strange thing I’ve been noticing lately which I did not notice before is how MANY ads are produced with blacks in them. This may not be odd coming out of America. But I live in a Canadian city where our non-whites are overwhelmingly Asian, and blacks are single-digit percentage points of the population.

            AND YET, even many ads for local companies and services use blacks as models. Lots of the local universities and colleges feature blacks in their student recruitment ads leading up to a new semester.

            It’s not even just about paying models, either. There is a local crisis line here which has ads all over the city buses and metro trains, and the image in the ad is a drawn cartoon of a black teenage girl.

            Why? It’s bizarre, as there’s no real logical reason for it. If they wanted “diversity” that reflects or speaks to our ACTUAL population, why not use Chinese people? Or Vietnamese. Filipino. Indian. ANY of those would make more sense.

            It’s like black is the default Most Diverse, even if it doesn’t make sense in terms of who you’re targeting the ads to!

          • Copyright101

            We call it The Agenda™.

          • Copyright101

            Part of The Agenda™!

      • propagandaoftruth

        Don’t trust google. Avoid their services and products. They do bad things.

    • Light from the East

      Because the language we use is English, if not specified, the default searching result should be fundamentally related to English such as UK, USA, Canada, Australia, etc. Therefore, when it comes to people, white is the default. When you use Chinese language to search, of course, the default becomes Chinese. I don’t see any problem at all. Only people who cannot create their own language and culture will think this is the problem.

      • Because our language is English, not Chinese, Swahili, or Mayan.
        Because the very computer was invented by White people, as well as every other technologically advanced invention.
        Because, I am sure, White people are the major consumers of the products advertised online.
        Because our very system of government and law, was founded by White people.
        Because White people are the very standard of beauty recognized the world over. (Don’t argue with that people. Show me the culture where a tall blonde Nordic looking woman would not be seen as attractive.)
        And finally, “Because White rhymes with right!” (Okay, that last was a joke.)

  • listenupbub

    Whites are the norm in society? That is because we are a historically white country, you imbecile. What do you expect?

    Here we see how harmful diversity really is. The minority is always in a weak and dangerous position: if race-mixing ever became popular, they would die out. Combine this with general unease about other subspecies, and the minority is always trying to promote its interests at all costs, even unfairly, against the majority, just to feel like it is ensuring its survival.

    95% racial purity is the way to go.

    • Jason Lewis

      It’s considered very evolved to take the country your ancestors built and hand it over to another group without a fight.

      • listenupbub


        But it is a practical matter for me. What can we do? Are you really going to “fight?” With bombs and guns? How could this possibly work out?

        In my darkest moments, I wish I could fight for our people and our homeland. But it seems that it would cause a backlash stronger than Hitler (and I am a revisionist), which would lead to our doom.

        We are screwed. Something will have to give. We might have make a sacrifice (such as America). Do you have a plan that works?

        • ghettovalley


          • listenupbub

            That gets back too the issue of leaving the land you developed to foreigners. I can say that it sounds better than moving to a less developed and wealthy country.

            It would never work, though, because there are too many whites and non-whites in America who would thwart us in every way possible, especially through economic sanctions.

            It is worth a shot before we pack up and leave.

          • ghettovalley

            I think that it is inevitable. Eventually, we will have to form our own ethnostate, or we will be devoured by the hoardes of third worlders. It is unfortunate, but I believe it is the logical conclusion of this experiment in diversity.

          • Jason Lewis

            Like I said earlier, it has ot be quick. As we move to a certain area we take our money and civilization with us. They will try to follow as they do now.

        • Jason Lewis

          An all out fight is unlikely. People are waking up at a faster rate now. Whatever happens is gonna happen is gonna happen fast. The USSR fell nearly overnight. When South Carolina secceded Mississippi left the Union a day later then Florida a day after that and so went the dominos. A realization will occur. I hope a strong military leader is there for us.

    • DaveMed

      Interesting. That’s exactly the number I use as my threshold.

  • DLRisVH

    Ah the old, ‘we are too stupid to create and invent things for ourselves but, you had better include us in your inventions, routine.

    • TruthBeTold

      Haven’t you heard of Mark Dean? He’s the black man who invented the PC.

      Seriously, google his name.

      • George Moriarty

        That is interesting, his skin colour and facial features would suggest that he is much less than 100% African.

      • listenupbub

        Hint: Nobody invented the PC. Hundreds of men and women did it over the course of many decades.

        • TruthBeTold

          Sir, that’s ignorant.

          BTW, did you know a black man invented hockey and the hockey stick?

          • listenupbub

            No, but now I will bow down and worship every negro I come across.

      • DLRisVH

        It’s a shame more of his people aren’t like him.

      • Reynardine

        “He was part of the team that developed the ISA bus, and he led a design team for making a one-gigahertz computer processor chip.”

        The ISA bus and a gigahertz chip hardly make for a PC.

        • TruthBeTold

          His patents are also co-patents so he wasn’t working alone and we’ll never know how much or how little he actually contributed to these products.

        • listenupbub

          In other words, he was one of thousands of engineers.

  • Susannah

    Swedish SJW Ms. Johanna Burai is tired of seeing Whites in Google images? Well, I’m tired of seeing blacks (13% of U.S. population) featured in about half of our print ads and commercials.

    • DLRisVH

      I’m tired of seeing blacks and browns………..period!

    • Petronius

      I used to think they’d keep a few of us around just to model in those TV commercials for cosmetics, baby products, or hair shampoo.

      But lately I’m not so sure.

      • Susannah

        Apparently we’re no longer needed for commercials anymore. Lately I’ve been seeing more and more black, Latino, and ambiguous browns in all of those. I’ve also noticed that even when Whites are featured in ads, they are rarely blond or very fair-skinned. I imagine they tend to use White models now who could pass for “White Hispanic.”

    • phillyguy

      and in the commercials they are smarter than the white man or they are the white man’s boss

      • I know. I mean, come on. Hey, fifty years ago, maybe some of it was well meaning. “Hey, look, not all Negroes are stupid and uneducated. Here, look at this commercial…” Put, please, after fifty years of the same point being hammered over and over! Enough! White people generally have White friends. White people are generally smarter than blacks. Whites are generally the boss. (Even blacks admit that.)

    • listenupbub

      Don’t forget about blacks in Les Miz and South Pacific and all the other broadway shows that they do not belong in.

    • John Smith

      Burai is an Asiatic name, so I wonder if she’s mixed or married to a foreigner?

  • George Moriarty

    I have just done a Google search for “witch doctor” as in African alternative medical practitioner. All the images are black.
    Now if I do another image search, say for Mediterranean asylum seekers, again I do not expect to see any white faces.

    • TruthBeTold

      I believe they’re now called ‘traditional healers’.

      What they have ever healed with the bones of Albinos and the blood of Pigmies is still being debated.

      • how about this

        They healed people of a deficiency of Pygmy blood, of course. It’s one of the most important food groups!

    • Deacon Blue

      If I Google search for “pavement ape” or “porch monkey” I do not expect to
      see white face either.

  • HJ11

    Yup, just erase Whites in every way possible and make every group look like the Star Wars Bar. Nope. Not for me. I want 100% White.

  • MekongDelta69

    You simply have to be brain-dead to be a leftist. They’ve been sitting around for 50 years, thinking up (what they think) are ‘catchy’ phrases like “World White Web.”

    More like, “World Idiot Web.”

  • Deacon Blue

    Maybe they can build their own search engine? Niggle?

  • Irishgirl

    This woman has way too much time on her hands.

  • John Smith

    I don’t see why a default to images of humans is seen as racist? I’m wagering that whites and Asians are the two main groups using Google and that Asians don’t really care if they seen a white-skinned appendage or face, especially since they seem to prefer Caucasian models in their advertising.

    • Right. People love to say Asians are attractive. I disagree. An Asian woman is attractive only to the point she approximates the White ideal. A White is not attractive from approaching an Asian ideal.

      • authorizedversion .

        Correct sir. Most east Asian women look like boys. The pretty ones look like little girls. No thanks.

  • GenX Antipodean

    How about we just segregate the results with a button, deep down its what we all really want.
    Only if it was that easy in the rest of life.

    • Just hit the “No Negroes please” button. Oops! I meant no “African Americans” please. There. I wouldn’t want to offend anyone.

  • I think Google should use images of plug-in “Mr. Potato Head” facial accessories on large piles of dog poop in order to achieve the appropriate amount of “brown-ness”.

  • Rob

    I am tried of seeing black faces in our schools, buses, cities and not to mention the brown refuge as well. So when can we segregate ourselves??

    • llexik

      I’m tired of seeing brown faces every time there is a mugshot photo of a recent arrest. Not to mention, they all look the same.

    • You are soooo right. I am tired of the race and have been for a long time.

  • Rob

    What is the ethnicity of Ms. Johanna Burai??

  • bubo

    “The search result is just one example of how being white is a norm in society. A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives.”

    Okay I’m putting too much thought into this but I just want to ask how, effing how my life is made better because google search images have white people more often than black and browns, or how black and brown life is made worse because of a freaking picture on a computer that no one knows about.

    I guarantee this stupid girl can’t explain it without using canned leftie responses and snark or outright B.S. lies.

    I would tell her to her face to kindly deport herself back to whatever flea bitten dung heap failure of a society her parents escaped from is she wants to see more “minority” faces.

  • American Tax Payer

    This is an attempt to redefine the definition of white. That thing created that website for the explicit purpose of having people read the word “white” while seeing non-white hands.

  • MathMan

    Here in UK every TV advert seems to contain at least one black person regardless of the context of the advert. Shiny,happy, mixed-race families also abound in this subliminally charged fantasy land.

    • Susannah

      Just like in the U.S. This has really been ramped up in the last 10 years or so. It used to be a (relatively) rare occurrence. You would still see blacks in commercials, but the aggressive promotion of mixed race families and mixed various groups is relatively recent and blatant.

  • Who Me?

    Quite possibly because “White” skin photographs better than “black” or brown skin does, Not sure about all pictures, but especially illustrative and/or medical pictures this is why. For example if you want to show the progression of a skin cancer via photography, it helps if the skin cancer can be seen through the camera lens.
    If somebody wants a picture of a cute baby, naturally it’s going to default to a white baby. It was fully demonstrated and documented years ago that people of all races and ages prefer dolls (3D replicas of babies, if you will) to be White.
    If you want to see illustrations of the differences in hair colors, or eye colors, you are going to see photos of White people, because White people are (usually) the only people with blond or red or light brown hair, or blue or green or hazel eyes.
    Look up important people, most of them are White, and thus appear white in their photographs…
    This is a White country with White people, (or at least it used to be) naturally the default color is White, just like it ought to be. If this little b* doesn’t like it, she can do the other thing.

  • “This is a crystal clear example of how the norm of whiteness manifests itself–the white body is neutral,” she said. “The search result is just one example of how being white is a norm in society. A lot of people choose to turn a blind eye to the privileges you get simply by being white, as well as to the systematic racism experienced by people of color in their everyday lives.”
    Can any of these idiots make a statement without using the words, “privileged” and “systemic”? Seriously, they just fricken love those terms! (rolling my eyes)

  • Seriously. The poor non-Whites don’t feel accepted in Sweden! AWWWW…you Swedes are just such meanies! Please. This is both insane and childish.

  • Yeah. Too late the Swedes will realize how blacks and Muslims really are. Of course, any deluded White Americans don’t have the same excuse. We should have learned a long time ago.

  • Spikeygrrl

    By this theory, Google Japan should default to Asian images, Google South America to Latino images, Google India (dot, not feather) to Indian images, Google Africa (is there such a thing?) to African images, und so weiter. And Google throughout the entire Anglosphere should continue to default to White images.

    Voila, everybody’s happy.

    The problem here, I suspect, is that Google simply doesn’t want to pay for such a simple yet time-consuming and tedious hack. They don’t want to pay for being actual devout MultiCultists, they just want to be SEEN AS devout MultiCultists.

    I’ll be tracking this story.

    • Cindy

      I’m always comforted by the notion that big corps like Google are just play acting at being egalitarians as opposed to actually being egalitarians. When the tides of PC change course, they will quickly change too.

      • Spikeygrrl

        Of course they will. That’s what they DO.

        Which is why the only times I ever worked for megacorps were as a long-term temp contractor (6-12 months, typically “moonlighting” when the business I co-owned needed an uncomplicated cash infusion). I do not now and never did enjoy coming home from work wanting to SANDBLAST MYSELF from the moral slime in which the workday had covered me.

        But day-umm, chilluns, they sure do pay good. 🙁

      • listenupbub

        I don’t think so, because their leadership has too many Indians…maybe other asians, too. And I’m sure they employ blacks through affirmative action.

  • Joy

    Anyone worried about the results you get when you Google “arm” has entirely too much time on their hands.

  • Spoda Be

    Went to make this post and discovered that several folks had already posted pretty much the same thing but here goes. The Diverse Ones comprise at most 13% of US society. Current TV advertising is comprised of probably 90% Diverse Ones. It’s an obvious attempt to placate, mollify or appease the same aforementioned Diverse Ones. And, to HILLARY (the strongest invective I can think of) with white people.

  • Copyright101

    The dozy cow has never heard of The Agenda™?!

    I trust she is just as concerned about Google image results for “rapist”, “mugger” and “knife crime” which yield way too many white faces, hands etc in statistical terms..

    Try those searches and see…