Bernie Sanders: America Should Look More Like Scandinavia

Evan McMurry, Mediaite, May 3, 2015

On This Week, host George Stephanopoulos asked just-announced 2016 presidential candidate Bernie Sanders (I-VT) whether he could win an election outside of Ben and Jerry land as a socialist. Sanders praised the democratic socialist systems of Scandinavia, and said the U.S. could learn a thing or two from other countries.

“In countries in Scandinavia like Denmark, Norway, Sweden, they are very democratic countries,” Sanders said. “Voter turnout is a lot higher than it is in the United States. In those countries, health care is the right of all people; college education and graduate school is free; retirement benefits, child care are stronger than the United States of America. In those countries by and large government works for ordinary people and the middle class, rather than, as is the case right now in our country, for the billionaire class.”

“I can hear the Republican attack ad right now,” Stephanopoulos said. “He wants America to look more like Scandinavia.”

“That’s right,” Sanders said. “What’s wrong with that?”



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  • John Smith

    Starting with the complexion of its people… otherwise it will never work. Scandinavians are finding this out right now after importing darker races for no good reason.

    • Anna Tree

      The US started with 10% non-whites, how could it be like Scandinavia that didn’t have non-whites?

      Meanwhile Scandinavia is sadly destroying itself and will also have soon 10% of non-whites: and sure enough all the goodies Sanders is talking about will disappear…

      • Magician

        I read Sweden is accepting mofe refugees than the rest of Europe combined

        And refugees gain citizenship or permanent residency as soon as they arrive in Sweden

        If it keeps on accepting a large # of refugees every year who will permanently stay in Sweden its welfare system cannot be sustained

    • Grow up!

  • KevinPhillipsBong

    You cannot hope to maintain a 1st world welfare system with an open door to 3rd world peoples.

  • Will he let us have Scandinavian demographics? You can’t have Scandinavian systems and Scandinavian results without them.

    • phorning

      He is strictly referring to Scandinavian economic systems. He is not going to support immigration restrictions in any way. Sanders no doubt supports the efforts to diversify Sweden.

      • He voted for Gang Bangers of Eight, so he wants to diversify the United States as well.

      • Anna Tree

        The then Scandinavian economic systems existed because of the then Scandinavian demographics.
        The Scandinavian demographics are changing, and so the economic system will too, it won’t be sustainable with 10% non-whites draining it.

  • Dave West

    Oh Bernie!

    I sure from your naive perspective, living in 95% white Vermont, with no big cities, high amounts of social cohesion, and little crime. Scandinavian Socialism might actually seem like it could work for America. Socialism with open borders and high immigration is a disaster. It would be funny if Bernie made arguments for stopping illegal immigration and greatly lowering legal immigration, if not just to confuse his “progressive” fan base.

    • Steve_in_Vermont

      You make a good point. Bernie has been very good for Vermont and Vets. He helped establish health care centers throughout our state and Vet programs that work (I use one of these health centers and have friends who are vets so I get my information first hand). The problem will be taking these ideas and transposing them into a nation as diverse as ours. Great ideas, but practical? Probably in some states but not universally.

    • Cuddles

      He’s from Brooklyn but must have left when the Puerto Ricans started pouring in and when the Giants & Dodgers split for California!

  • JohnEngelman

    open immigration can’t coexist with a strong social safety net; if you’re going to assure health care and a decent income to everyone, you can’t make that offer global.

    – Paul Krugman

    • listenupbub

      LOL! Krugman gets something right?!!!??!??

      The best idea is a guaranteed national income. Give the welfare recipients [blacks] 35000 a year. If they waste it on booze and drugs and starve, let them starve.

      The fact that our government wastes so much on less efficient social welfare programs is proof that they can’t trust blacks to handle their own lives.

      • Usually Much Calmer

        Let them starve to death or turn to their kin and kind.

        Any indiscriminate aid is dysgenic and much crueler in the long run than indifference seems in the short.

      • carriewhite64

        This is actually a excellent idea. The income is enough to survive on. NO other benefits should be awarded. Many Americans live on $35,000 a year, while paying taxes.

        • johningermany

          That is over 600$ a week. That is a lot of money unless the $ has really gone to hell. I guess it has.

          • carriewhite64

            Yes, $600 is hard to live on in most places in America. Not impossible, though. Although a married couple each making that much could live a middle class life.

      • Race Heretic

        If we have a guaranteed national income, I’m moving to Detroit and starting a store that sells only Schlitz, Hennessey, and Swisher Sweets. I’ll hire armed guards, and after a year or two I will retire to the Bahamas.

    • LeonNJ

      I can respect people like Bernie when he talks about better healthcare and better workers rights, higher salaries, etc, but his kind then supports mass immigration and the like. It’s very counterintuitive since those immigrants will compete for those jobs and lower wages (which is going on right now). Someone needs to call him out on that.

      • JohnEngelman

        I am glad he is in the race. I want him to make an issue of the growing income gap. For me, that is the most important issue. The middle class is declining, while the rich are getting richer.

        I also like Sen Jeff Sessions, (R. Alabama) Sessions is pointing out how immigration contributes to the growing income gap.

        • SFLBIB

          I went from starving college student to middle class in four years. During my career, I raised a family, paid off my mortgage, and retired to that same middle class. Somewhere along the line, Bill Gates came along. The income gap between him and me is around $30 billion. I don’t see how that gap set me back. If he had never existed, I would still be in the middle class enjoying the same standard of living. I think you are just repeating liberal Democrat propaganda. If not, prove to me how this mythical gap keeps people from succeeding.

      • Race Heretic

        I totally agree. I want better incomes and security for the American working class – massive immigration totally undermines it.

    • InAFreeCountry

      This may be the first time that I have ever agreed with Krugman.

      • JohnEngelman

        Paul Krugman and E.J. Dionne are my favorite columnists.

  • He has about as much chance of winning the presidency as I have….

    • Rurik

      That all depends on who provides and controls the voting machines.

  • Hilis Hatki

    Like most politicians he lives in his own private Idaho.

  • TruthBeTold

    I’m calling Sanders out as a spoiler.

    Why would he make such comments? He has no chance of winning and his comments are extreme.

    My guess is that the Democrats are using him to siphon of the extreme right who want a white country. It’s a relatively small group but it would be enough to take away from the Republican candidate and allow Hillary to win.

  • Jim Kental

    Scandinavia works well because it’s run by Scandinavians (for now). But with increasing “diversity”/white genocide, Scandinavia will more and more resemble the wonderful lands of Africa and the Middle East.

    • TruthBeTold

      Sanders’ lack of understanding of the current immigration dynamics is a red flag.

      • Bossman

        He didn’t say anything about immigration. He’s against free trade. He’s not a friend of China. He wants American jobs to stay in the USA and be done by Americans.

  • dd121

    One difference is that those countries don’t fund their own defense, we do. It means we don’t have a lot left over for free stuff.

    • We spend plenty on welfare. It’s just that I have a big problems with a lot of the beneficiaries.

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Ah, yes. Free defense, like free advice, is worth every penny.

      We are not defending any Europeans against their invasion.

      But Ike’s MIC get paid.

  • TheMaskedUnit

    If by Scandinavia, he didn’t mean Somalia, I’d vote for him if I had to write him in. Of course democrats lie.

  • corvinus

    Maybe Mr. Sanders should visit Minnesota. It does look like Scandinavia… complete with Somali “refugees”.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      Mostly males I presume? That’s the case with migrants to Europe. Mostly young to middle aged males looking for work or safety.

      • Mr. Platinumberg

        And white women to rape. Can’t leave out that integral part of their plan.

  • MekongDelta69

    Bernie is such a nut that I hope he rattles the Hildebeast!

    If I were a registered nut… I mean socialist, I’d vote for him just for that reason. As a matter of fact, since leftists are legally allowed to vote as many times as they want, I’d vote for him 100 times!

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Bernie has a 12- point manifesto like any good communist before him -about

      The only the only thing he will do is siphon off votes that would go to a another communist like Hillary.

      Taking votes from Hillary would be a happy outcome.

      Sanders bemoans the advantages enjoyed by rich Americans while benefiting from a $200,000 ‘golden parachute’ his wife, Jane Sanders, received when she left her job as Burlington College president in 2012,” The Press reported.

      Run Bernie Run!!

    • Cuddles

      They were great countries until it was inundated with non whites.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    “He wants America to look more like Scandinavia.”

    “That’s right,” Sanders said. “What’s wrong with that?”

    Oh, I don’t know: maybe Scandinavian countries will be majority non-White in a few years, Scandinavian homelands and attendant resources turned over to high-fertility 3rd world Africans who will one day be the majority population in a White homeland.

    At that point, Scandinavian-style socialism won’t matter.

    “What’s wrong with that, White people?”

    • Usually Much Calmer

      Your well chosen images do so much work you likely never see. Thank you, Bon.

      • Bon, From the Land of Babble

        You’re welcome.

        Graphics get across the message quickly, visually and in a way so many words cannot – and that is what makes them powerful.

        This little Swedish boy was beaten up at his school for having blue eyes.

        The evil anti-Whites who did this to Sweden, brought about these permanent changes in this child’s school and homeland deserve nothing less than to be hanged by the neck until dead and their heads placed on pikes.

        After that, the moslems will be driven out.

        • Lexonaut

          And people wonder what Pamela Geller is complaining about.

        • Mangosteen, $1000 chair

          What are the parents doing?? The only way I see out of this is having as many white children as possible, and teaching them to stick together. I bet the other white kids (if there were any) just stood there and watched the Muslims gang up on this sweet, beautiful boy. I’m teaching my kids to go for their eyes or throat and try to kill anyone who attacks them, or their siblings. It’s a hard world out there and these parents aren’t preparing their children for reality. I hope this sweet baby learned a valuable lesson.

        • Moderate

          may all those that harm children find there own hand broken!

    • Lexonaut

      Amazing, especially the headline that reads “Swedish Ambulance Workers Want Body Armor Against Muslim Machete Attacks”.

  • Jason Lewis

    When do the deportations start Bernie?

  • Cuddles

    I’d want Scandinavian style also if the country was 100% white, then it works without a hitch.

    Those nations were not mixed at all 30 years ago and everyone helped each other. In a multicultural society each group looks out for their own only.

  • WR_the_realist

    Tens of thousands of African Muslims have come to Scandinavia to take advantage of all that “free” (tax payer funded) stuff. It’s working out wonderfully, Bernie Sanders.

  • Nationalist

    I am scared to comment because i might have my comment removed like they did in the homosexuality thread.

  • Dave West

    “In 2007, Sanders voted against a comprehensive immigration reform bill because of his concerns around how guest-worker programs impact native workers. Most recently, Sanders joined other Senators calling on the U.S. Department of Justice, the Department of Homeland Security and the Labor Department to investigate potential abuses in the H1-B program.”

  • adplatt126

    For once Bernie, we agree. We can start making it look more like Scandinavia by deporting all Mexicans.

  • Oldcorporal

    America should look more like Scandinavia? As in, “with a sizeable White majority,” instead of the piddling 63 percent we supposedly have now? And what is this about “free” college and post-graduate schools? My band director in high school always said, “There’s no such thing as a free lunch; somebody always pays.”

    • Lexonaut

      As long as the lunch is free to certified victim groups, what’s your problem?

  • Mahound

    Bernie is a racist, possibly a Nazi. America should, of course, look more like Puerto Rico.

  • Stogumber

    Reasonably, all people who want to live in Scandinavia ought to go to Scandinavia. It would make a lot of a difference to global economy and global politics. Don’t know if it would be for the better or the worse. But strangely, even the Scandinavian Americans who emigrated from Sweden/Norway in masses don’t return in masses to the old country.

  • LHathaway

    In this hyper-sensitive world I guess no one thought to challenge him by asking him, ‘you mean you want America to look more White’? Sadly, it could be that with demographics in Scandinavia looking they way they are, such a question would no longer be relevant.

    • carriewhite64

      Everyone on this thread sees the obvious: forms of socialist governments may work well IF the population is homogeneous and industrious. No form of socialism can work with diverse populations, where the “diversity” is on benefits for life and contribute nothing. Why can’t actual governments see this?

      • Lexonaut

        “Why can’t actual governments see this?”

        Because then government could be smaller — and we can’t have that.

  • Basketeddie

    Well for one thing, Bernie, Scandinavians are white which would disqualify them as role models in our new world order.

    • Lexonaut

      These days the Scandinavian countries have plenty of Muslims available for role model duty.

  • model1911

    Please elaborate.


    Do you mean like if all the liberal assumptions are actually true?

    • JohnEngelman

      From the presidencies of Harry Truman to that of George W. Bush there were nearly always more jobs created per year under Democratic presidents than Republican presidents.

      From 1920 to 2002 there was nearly always more economic growth under Democratic presidents than Republicans. Twice as much.

      Even the stock market has usually grown over twice as much under Democratic presidents as Republican presidents.

      • SFLBIB

        If the president had the kind of economic power you seem to think he does, obama could have snapped his fingers just after taking office the first time, and America’s economic problems would have been solved then.

        • JohnEngelman

          Barack Obama is an incompetent beneficiary of affirmative action. I voted for him, but I never thought of him as the Messiah. I wanted the Second Coming of Roosevelt.

          Franklin Roosevelt raised taxes on the well to do, and hired people directly with programs like the Civilian Conservation Corps.

          President Obama should have done that sort of thing. During his presidency corporations and blanks got bail outs. Middle class Americans did not.

          • SFLBIB

            I don’t think I’ll waste any more time on someone trying to convince me that socialism is a good idea after that someone admitted he voted for “an incompetent beneficiary of affirmative action.” Have a nice life.

          • JohnEngelman

            You too.

            The best economy is a mixed economy.

          • Race Heretic

            And apparently the same goes for a President?

          • Mr. Platinumberg

            Your loyalty to the Democratic party is deeper than your loyalty to your race, splendid. Are you sure you’re on the right website, friend?

          • JohnEngelman

            My loyalty is to decent people of all races. In addition I prefer the company of those who are intelligent, well informed, and civil.

            I am a convinced race realist. Race realism is not the same as white nationalism or white supremacy.

          • Mr. Platinumberg

            You sound like a typical liberal who didn’t look into President Dindu at all before voting for him. Everything was there to see.


    If things are so great there, where are the reports of massive illegal immigration from the U.S. to the Scandinavian countries?

    • JohnEngelman

      The quality of life for American affluent enough to cross the Atlantic Ocean and get a good job in Scandinavia is comparable to life in the United States.

      Nevertheless, we do not see Scandinavians crossing the Atlantic Ocean in makeshift boats to escape from the horrors of socialism.

      • SFLBIB

        If life there is comparable to that in the U.S., why does “He want America to look more like Scandinavia”?

        • JohnEngelman

          It is comparable for the upper middle class. It is not comparable for the working class, especially the working poor. Those are his concerns, and mine.

  • The Sweden Democrats party tried to run this media buy several years ago but it was blocked. It doesn’t look to me like the production of a group of people that want to slash and burn the welfare state.

  • Mr. L

    I agree with that statement on the surface, ethnically we should look like Scandinavia, however The US Constitution and Capitalism have grown on me.