Walker Open to Limits on Legal Immigration

David McCabe, The Hill, April 21, 2015

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R), who is mulling a run for president, said Monday that he favors further limiting legal immigration to the U.S.

“In terms of legal immigration, what we need to approach that going forward is saying, we will make adjustments,” he said while appearing on Glenn Beck’s radio show.

“The next president and the next Congress need to make decisions about a legal immigration system that’s based on, first and foremost, protecting American workers and American wages, because the more I’ve talked to folks–I’ve talked to Sen. [Jeff] Sessions [R-Ala.] and others out there, but it is a fundamentally lost issue by many in elected positions today–is what is this doing not only to American workers looking for jobs, but what is this doing to the wages, and we need to have that be at the forefront of our discussion going forward,” Walker added.

Walker’s position on immigration issues has drawn attention because he previously supported a path to citizenship for immigrants who entered the country illegally, provided they paid penalties and completed a waiting period. The likely 2016 hopeful says his position has since changed on the issue.



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  • dd121


    • mobilebay

      …Or any democrats, They wait at the border with the welcome wagons.

      • dd121

        That’s a given.

      • Realist

        Yes, indeed.

    • Chip Carver

      Voting isn’t going to get us out of this mess. That’s silly. Anyone who says so is a fool or is just being completely disingenuous.

      • Black Bart

        Sadly so chip.

        • Cid Campeador

          Voting is a mechanism to give the people the illusion of choice. George Carlin
          “Give them bread and circuses and they will never revolt” Juval. Roman Poet
          “Those who vote decide nothing. Those who count the vote decide everything.” Josef Stalin

      • Hammerheart

        It’s not who votes that counts, it’s who counts the votes. – Josef Stalin

      • george00

        You need to do some explaining. Why do you think voting wouldn’t get us out of this mess and what do you think would?
        I think if enough people voted the right way it would get us out of this mess.

      • Greg Thomas

        You are right! Voting cannot fix this mess! That train left the station long ago.

    • Bon, From the Land of Babble

      Our shores?

      Hell, the 3rd world is being flown directly into the U.S. by the American government – at American taxpayer expense.

      • Rob

        That has always been the case since the Reagan administration.

      • Cid Campeador

        Well why don’t WE take to the streets as does the Afro community whenever one of their legion violent criminals gets himself killed by law enforcement?
        How about sign announcing that “WHITE AMERICAN LIVES MATTER”?
        Where is OUR Al Sharpton?

        • Bon, From the Land of Babble

          They have the backing of the U.S. government, we do not.

          Government = force.

          They will not have their lives and careers destroyed and their reputations ruined; in fact they will be praised as “heroes” and social justice warriors for standing up to evil, racist White America.

    • Jason Lewis

      Pretty much. I get my hopes up everytime.

    • george00

      Jeff Sessions

    • george00

      Tom Tancredo

    • Michael Robert Ryan

      Dick Nixon once said that in the primary, a Republican politician should run as far to the right as possible and in the general election he should run as far to the center as possible. Walker will forget all about this stance if, and after, he wins the nomination.

      • anonymous

        Correct. During the primaries, politicians in both parties have to play to their base or core constituencies because these groups are the activists who turn out for primary elections.They’re the true believers and tend to be much farther to the right or left than the general population. During this stage, Republicans always come off more conservative (and religious) than they really are, and Democrats always come off like Social Justice Warriors.

        Things change after the primaries, though. The problem is that the country is almost evenly divided between the two parties (this has been the case since at least the 70s), so candidates usually can’t win unless they can get the support of swing voters, independents and the like. Once they’ve been nominated, candidates for national office have to reach out to the general population, which means they have to adopt more moderate and “reasonable” positions that won’t scare off the masses.

        This con game has been going on for the last half century, at least, and things are even more complicated now that “Hispanics” have become such a large voting bloc. Neither party can afford to alienate them even though they’ve essentially already been captured by the Democrats. So if you hear a Republican–or anyone else for that matter–promising to close the borders or limit immigration, especially during the primaries or the runup to the primaries, you can be sure that they’re lying.

        • Hispanics have not become a large voting bloc. First off, they were only 8.4% of all voters in 2012, 21% of all voters in California even though they were close to an outright majority in the state’s total population at that time. And that’s in a high turnout cycle. Second, almost all Hispanics are in states that are, for reasons other than Hispanics, foregone red or foregone blue states. Plain words, Hispanic voters have almost no electoral college leverage.

          There is, however, a cottage propaganda industry that is a subset of the open borders lobby that wants people, esp. Republicans, to think that the Hispanic vote is bigger and more influential and more swing-nature and more crucial than it actually is. I make fun of it by referring to it as the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1

          Let me put it to you this way: How much of a paper tiger is the ZOMG GREAT HISPANIC VOTER TIDAL WAVE LOL~!!!!1? Look at at Rahm versus Chuy Garcia, the runoff for mayor, in Chicago. The Hispanic wards obviously had the highest percentages for Garcia, but they also had by far the lowest total votes cast in the given wards.

          The reason I don’t take most Republican Presidential candidate immigration restriction promises seriously is because of the donors. Scott Walker has already sucked off the Sheldon Adelson teat once, and he’ll probably do it again.

  • Let the conversation begin. But keep it real.

  • Ernest

    I don’t trust a single one of them including Mr Walker. This is the same guy who supported amnesty at one point.

    • phorning

      I don’t trust him either, but don’t see a better alternative than to hope he wins. Most of his primary opponents won’t even pay lip service to Jeff Sessions.

      • Irish

        Ted Cruz

        • Earl P. Holt III

          I’m with you, and I sent him a boatload of money to put my money where my mouth is…

        • Illidan Stormragge

          Ted Cruz has given support for legal immigration, even for higher levels.

          • Irish

            That’s disappointing news. I’m hoping that was simply paying lip service to the whole “nation of immigrants” bit..He’s the best we’ve got running.. And I’m a realist, I believe his chances (despite being brilliant) are very slim.

      • DJRicin

        While Cruz is probably a little better than Walker, Walker is a battle-tested politician with a real shot, while Cruz is sadly an outlier.

        For a mainstream Republican candidate with a legitimate chance of getting the nomination to advocate for lowering legal immigration is a clear step forward, and I for one am more inclined to support Walker now.

        People on this site can be (rightly) skeptical of any politician, but at some point you have to accept that forward progress is still progress and deserves recognition at the polls.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Yes, Scott Walker did flip-flop on the issue, but did flop to the correct position on the issue. Now, if elected, we will see if sticks to his guns or flops back to the wrong side of amnesty.

      • tetrapod

        He’ll only flop in the direction most benefiting to those who sponsor him.

        • Hammerheart

          It’s so easy to buy a politican nowadays. Just look at the Clinton Foundation scandal. That’s if it hasn’t already been buried by some other Clinton-related scandal. Those two manage to get themselves involved in something new on a weekly basis it seems.

  • And in a few weeks, we’ll read another story that he was collecting another check from Sheldon Adelson.

    I will say that it’s good news for our cause that Scott Walker even thinks that there’s fertile political ground in and around Jeff Sessions, and that he really wants to (pretend to) be his BFF. It’s just too bad I think he’s being a phony about it, and that if he actually becomes President, he won’t do any more immigration enforcement than Baraq Obama.

    • DJRicin

      If he is taking checks from Adelson, but then advocating for closed borders despite what Adelson wants, I say more power to him!

      • So you really think that talk means something.

        Whatever makes you happy.

        But you’ll pardon me for being skeptical and having an IBIWISI attitude.

  • jaye ellis

    Well it’s nice that Walker is hanging out and listening to Jeff Sessions. But with these Wisconsin Libertarian economic conservative types like he and failed VP nominee Paul Ryan, they always fall back on economic conservatism and “outreach” – they like to listen and agree with whomever happens to be in the room with them at the time.. they will agree with Chicago crazy LaRaza Rep. Guitierez and try to express common ground based on their Catholic faith.

    Put these guys in the room with the worst neo Conservative Zionists/Christian Zionists and they will express agreement we need to get TOUGH with Iran and RUSSIA, 2o minutes later they are in a room with the CAIR – Council of American Islamic something “R” and Grover Norquist and they will agree that Muslim immigrants are natural GOP Conservatives who just haven’t come on board yet because they don’t feel welcome.

    This type of agreeing with everyone, pandering, finding common cause got Robert Kennedy assassinated – some 3rd world immigrant of color didn’t agree with Bobby K’s strong pro Israeli arms sales position.

  • A Freespeechzone

    It’s over……

    • tetrapod

      Why? Can you please elaborate?

      • A Freespeechzone

        American complacency; liberals are winning and few will stop them.

        Illegals have more clout in Washington and most state capitols than citizens, supported by corrupt courts and politicians.

        It’s over.

      • Lexonaut

        It’s over because how we vote no longer makes any difference whatsoever.

        • donnie

          “If voting made a difference, they wouldn’t let us do it”—– Mark Twain

          • Lexonaut

            Thanks for that! Off topic, but fifty years later humorist Robert Benchley said, “Sure I can quit smoking. I’ve done it thousands of times.”

  • MekongDelta69

    Can I write in Jared Taylor for Prez?

    • Evette Coutier

      Jared is honest and reasonable. He’d never win.

      • toldev

        And if he did win, an assassins bullet would soon find him. The moneyed elite will kill to protect their vested interests.

  • Dave4088

    I’m very skeptical. Typically when a conservative makes a statement about reducing legal immigration it’s a token amount like reducing it from the current one million to 750K. It needs to be reduced to perhaps ten thousand of whom they will be entirely of European descent and highly skilled.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      It should be capped by natural population growth. That way demographics don’t really change.

  • Bon, From the Land of Babble

    And the concerns I have is that we need to secure the border.

    —Scott Walker, Governor of Wisconsin

    You’ve got bigger problems in Wisconsin than the borders, Gov. Walker, the big money refugee industry has targeted YOUR state for resettlement of uneducated, fast-breeding, welfare-for-life parasites from the 3rd world.

    They won’t have to cross any borders, they’ll be flown directly into Wisconsin to displace your voters.

    MADISON (AP) –

    Agencies in six Wisconsin communities will receive a total of $1.5 million to help resettle new refugees.

    The state Department of Children and Families says the latest refugees arriving in Wisconsin are mainly from Burma, Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Nepal.

    The number of Somali students enrolled in the Green Bay School District has more than quadrupled since the end of last school year….The growing number of Somali students — many of whom need help to improve their English skills — prompted the Green Bay district to hire someone full time to support and instruct students, to work as a parent contact for schools and to interpret.

    “It’s not clear whether he understands that immigration is one way to boost economic.”

    —Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post

    Without any facts, data or evidence presented – but when has that ever mattered to a cultural marxist? The fact she wrote it makes it so.

    Here’s a fact the msm will never print:

    Welfare use is staggering among refugees. Public Assistance Utilization Among refugees who arrived during the 5 years previous to the survey: 57.7% are on government medical assistance such as Medicaid, about 25% have no health insurance at all, 70.2% are receiving food stamps, 31.6% are in public housing (an additional percentage is on a public housing waiting list), and 38.3 % are getting cash assistance such as TANF or SSI.

    Wisconsin will go the way of California – only it will be fast-breeding Somalis and Burundis instead of fast-breeding Central Americans and Mexicans.

    • tetrapod

      A few years ago I took a professional certification test at a local community college. The campus was crawling with Somalis and other Afro-Asiatics of indeterminate nationality, all paid for by middle class Americans.

      Of course, I could be wrong. They could have been there on academic scholarships. .

      It utterly escapes me how anyone can think it’s a good idea to bring these throngs wholesale into our heartland.

      • I assure you that they are not doing it because they believe it to be a good idea. In the realm of social engineering, the good vs bad argument is at the mercy of diversity at all costs. Reason, logic, rationale, long-term ramifications, etc. mean absolutely nothing to the orthodoxy of Multiculturalism.

        • Guest


    • AndrewInterrupted

      And they “breed fast” because Jimmy Carter’s ‘Refugee Act of 1980’ pays them to have children–up to 3 children. Several hundred dollars a month, per child. We see that with the Cambodians in Massachusetts. They’ve been scamming that bill since Carter signed it 35 years ago.

      • ElComadreja

        It will be a good day when Carter dies.

  • phillyguy

    No immigration at all, in 50 to 75 years the over population of the United States will drain all of our national resources, food, fuel and most importantly fresh water. everyone call their senators and congressmen and tell them you’ll do your best to vote them out of office if they don’t back a bill to stop immigration.. legal or not.

    • IstvanIN

      The most sensible course of action would, of course, be a moratorium on all immigration, guard the borders, and end birth-right citizenship until the courrent mess can be straightened out. Even if all immigrants of all races were fungible a country still needs time to digest and assimilate the newcomers. Endless immigration is only good for politicians, racial grievance mongers, and plutocrats, not the average man of any race.
      We are on the Titanic and everyone knows there are not enough lifeboats, but hey, start up the band and party til she sinks.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        There was a moratorium on all immigration from 1924 to 1964, before the disastrous 1965 law. Of course, the country was dominated overwhelmingly by Euro-Americans and not fractured along multiculturalist-racist lines as it is today. So, while it would be nice to halt all immigration for another 40 years, it’s clear the ruling parties and their funding machinery would never allow it.

        • Exuberant Auditor

          There wasn’t a moratorium on all immigration from 21 to 65, but rather the introduction of a quota system whereby 3 then 2% (starting 1924) were admitted from any country of the number of people from that country who were already living in the United States. In practical terms, this meant most of the immigrants would come from northern and western Europe.

          Unfortunately, no one dares suggest we go back to such a system. The only well-known personality I’ve heard suggesting it lately is Thomas Sowell.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Correct… I had misread the law and it’s effects of severely limiting immigration from Southern and Eastern Europe. It also severely limited African immigration and outright prohibited the immigration of Arabs, East Asians and East Indians. There was little controversy in the Congress about the law. But of course, in 1965, the dam was broke, and surprise, welcome to Multicultural, U.S.A.

          • InAFreeCountry

            Thanks, Ted Kennedy. Glad you’re rotting in Hell.

          • InAFreeCountry

            I sometimes believe that Sowell is a White man in blackface. He makes too much sense.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            He certainly does. Here are his words on the subject:

            Senator Patrick Leahy has warned us not to use the Boston Marathon terrorists as an argument against the immigration legislation he advocates. But if we are not to base our laws on facts about realities, what are we to base them on? Fashionable theories and pious rhetoric?

            While we cannot condemn all members of any group for what other members of their group have done, that does not mean that we must ignore the fact that the costs and dangers created by some groups are much greater than those created by other groups.

            Most members of most groups may be basically decent people. But if 85 percent of group A are decent and 95 percent of group B are decent, this means that there is three times as large a proportion of undesirable people in group A as in group B. Should we willfully ignore that when considering immigration laws?

            It is already known that a significant percentage of the immigrants from some countries go on welfare, while practically none from some other countries do. Some children from some countries are eager students in school and, even when they come here knowing little or no English, they go on to master the language better than many native-born Americans.

            But other children from other countries drag down educational standards and create many other problems in school, as well as forming gangs that ruin whole neighborhoods with their vandalism and violence, and cost many lives.

            Are we to shut our eyes to such differences and just lump all immigrants together, as if we are talking about abstract people in an abstract world?

            Perhaps the most important fact about the immigration bill introduced in the Senate is that its advocates are trying to rush it through to passage before there is time for serious questions to be explored and debated, so as to get serious answers.

            Anyone who suggests that we should compare welfare rates, crime rates, high school dropout rates and drunk driving arrest rates among immigrants from different countries, before we set immigration quotas, is likely to be stigmatized as a bad person.

            Above all, we need to look at immigration laws in terms of how they affect the American people and the American culture that gives us a prosperity that has long been among the highest in the world.

            Americans, after all, are not a separate race but people from many racial and ethnic backgrounds. Yet most Americans have a higher standard of living than other people of the same racial or ethnic background in their respective ancestral home countries. That is even more true for black Americans than for white Americans.

            Clearly, whatever we have in this country that makes life here better than in the countries from which most Americans originated is something worth preserving. A hundred years ago, preserving the American way of life was much easier than today, because most of the people who came here then did so to become Americans, learn our language and adopt our way of life.

            Today, virtually every group has its own “leaders” promoting its separate identity and different way of life, backed up by zealots for multiculturalism and bilingualism in the general population. The magic word “diversity” is repeated endlessly and insistently to banish concerns about the Balkanization of America — and banish examples provided by the tragic history of the Balkans.

            – Thomas Sowell, Capitalism Magazine, “Immigration Gambles, part I”, April 23 2013

          • InAFreeCountry

            Sowell is not afraid to look race problems straight in the eye without flinching and without hypocrisy and tell the truth, even to the shame of his own race. He is also a great economic philosopher.
            I had not read that article before, thanks for sharing.

          • Exuberant Auditor

            You’re welcome.

            Being black also helps if you want to talk candidly about these matters. The libs and the PC police have cut him more slack specifically because of his race. And I’m glad he’s doing it.

          • Northern American-Nationalist

            It’s called Black privilege.

  • Jake Frizzell

    Walker knows the ‘khazar horde’ will have him eliminated if he dares to state the ‘illegal horde’ (same as the khazar horde) should be brought under control and removed from America….

  • The only people that you can possibly count on to be unwavering in their support of a strong national identity and strong opposition to illegals are avowed Nationalists. The only people that you can possibly count on to support the preservation of our White Western values and identities are Racial Nationalists. If you don’t see an option to support that kind of person, then make it your duty to start grooming that person or even be that person.

    Go die a little death and vote for a Republican. Check back with us after year two of that politician being in office and let everyone know how little(or much) you’ve been disappointed and stabbed in the back. Please stop playing the game — it’s getting you nowhere.

    • Luca

      So, realistically speaking, what do you suppose David Dukes chances are of getting elected in America today? For God’s sake, George Wallace couldn’t even get to first base back in the ’60’s.

      Anyone remotely running on a platform of White Nationalism wouldn’t be able to raise enough money to run for dog catcher. That’s reality.

      • David Duke’s chances of getting elected are no worse than are the chances of a Republican being elected and not flip-flopping and not finding a way to stab White America in the back.

        The way you word things, you sound like a defeatist who has found a way to embrace the various rapists and predators who rely on you being an obedient victim. They’ve all lied to you. They’ve all sold you out. They all run the same game of saying what they need to say to get into office, then ignore your cries for help once they are elected. Year after year, election cycle after election cycle it’s all the same noise; but this next guy… yeah, he’s a diamond in the ruff. He’s loves you, because he told you he loved you. Is that what you consider living and dying for what you believe in?

        • Chasmania

          Luca poses a well reasoned question to you and an observation that is at least plausible if not out right truth, and you call him a defeatist and a well trained slave ? Lets maybe cut back a bit on the name calling when it isn’t called for.

          I think we can all agree that times are and truly DO appear bleak, but history has a way of turning on a dime, and the natural order of things has a way of asserting itself. Yes, we are under attack, but it’s only truly been ‘bad’ for a few decades. When viewed against the entirety of White, European history, it’s not been all that long.

          I think that things may have to get a bit worse before we start to see any real change for the better, but because OF our naturally ingrained superiority, I do think we will prevail and come thru this dark time in history. We just need to keep striving to make things better and most importantly SURVIVE thru these times.

          • What exactly was the observation and question that was well reasoned? The only question I saw was one asking about Duke’s chances of getting elected and how anything racialist in nature will never be electable? His chances aren’t much different than they would have been several years ago. I don’t consider Duke to be a good representative of reasonable pro-White leadership. Some people do, I don’t.

            I think that things may have to get a bit worse before we start to see any real change for the better

            How old are you and how long have you been observing reality from a pro-White standpoint? This is the same line that has been thrown out for decades. Wasn’t the implosion of street after street, neighborhood after neighborhood, city after city supposed to be the tipping point? Wasn’t a big financial meltdown supposed to awaken the masses from their slumber? Wasn’t the election of a black President supposed to cause people to panic and embrace racialist politics? Wasn’t the Internet supposed help organize people, motivate them and push them into action? Wasn’t technology that could more readily display black violence and incompetence supposed to lead to disgust and revolution? If the idea is that White America won’t get better until they/we are destitute and reduced to a tiny fraction of the population, then I really don’t think you grasp the concept of changing for the better.

            You say I was posed with a reasoned question and observation. Frankly, I saw nothing but a general statement that suggested that because something hadn’t happened before, that it was no more likely to happen in the future. Pretty much implying that injecting racialism into politics is a dead end. If that’s the case, then why would anyone be on a site like AmRen or attend an AmRen conference? Is it like a hobby or something like that?

            Now if you want to dabble in a little reason and logic, then I can try to give you some basic examples:

            I think we can all agree that times are and truly DO appear bleak, but history has a way of turning on a dime, and the natural order of things has a way of asserting itself. Yes, we are under attack, but it’s only truly been ‘bad’ for a few decades.

            So how does history turn on a dime when the very act of turning against the status quo is seen as an impossible task that should never be undertaken? You do understand what turning on a dime implies, right? It means the opposite of a slow, lingering, drawn out process that takes decades to achieve even the slightest step forward. The impetus to turn on a dime has to be propelled by a force that is in complete opposition to what has been established as normal and politically correct. All I’ve suggested was to start looking at “turning on a dime” as a viable option that will need to be injected into the political landscape sooner rather than later. If it’s such an impossible task that, then I have to ask again, why would anyone be on a site like this?

            because OF our naturally ingrained superiority

            I don’t necessarily view races in “superior” absolutes. That’s a word I rarely ever use in this context. Regardless, superior people don’t hand the keys over to their kingdom and then rationalize their supposed position of superiority by voting for people that consistently lie to them, abuse them and slowly destroy that which they value. Superior people might get hoodwinked from time to time, not year after year after year. I have a few words and labels for those kind of people, but none of them are superior.

            We just need to keep striving to make things better and most importantly SURVIVE thru these times.

            You survive to what end? A rape victim can possible survive an attack by laying there and taking it, even increasing their odds of survival by playing along and pretending to like it. So I’ll ask again: You survive your victimization to what end, just to be raped again in a possibly more delicate manner? Somewhere you’ve probably convinced yourself that this is what it’s like to survive, and that things are getting better for you. If so, please tell me in what way?

            Staunch Racialists in national politics 1980: 0 | US population: 80% White
            Staunch Racialists in national politics 1990: 0 | US population: 74% White
            Staunch Racialists in national politics 2000: 0 | US population: 69% White
            Staunch Racialists in national politics 2010: 0 | US population: 64% White
            Staunch Racialists in national politics 2015: 0 | US population: 62% White

            A defeatist would see those numbers and claim that racialism can never be broached from a political platform, because electability, above all else, is crucial to our survival as a race. They can’t show any results after playing the game for decades, but we are all assured that playing the rigged game for another election cycle will pay off in the future.

            A realist who hasn’t succumbed to defeatism would see those numbers and claim that the reason why we are being slowly displaced and abused is because we have no political representation as a race. They would surmise that not being elected because of an assertive position on race is no more damaging than it is to be elected to a position of complete [racial] impotence. The difference being that at least the assertive racialist puts into motion the foundation and framework for others to improve and build upon.

            Both can be described as realists to some extent; however, one could be more aptly described as a fighter not content with having zero representation and losing ground, while the other might be more aptly described as a passive-aggressive wimp who pretends to not be contributing to his own demise.

            Politician X fully supports the further browning of America one day. All of a sudden when the courtship of political posturing begins and Politician X needs to separate himself from the herd, he claims to have had an epiphany and now doesn’t support the further browning of America. Even though it should be obvious to everyone with an IQ over 70 that Politician X conveniently had his little epiphany as an election gimmick, and even though this is the paradigm used by other vetted candidates who go on to flip-flop when corporate donors start influencing them, Voter X suddenly becomes blindingly optimistic about the chances that this new stalwart of immigration is going to be tough on illegals and great for White America. Complete optimist when it comes to feeding the machine that produces lying, flip-flopping, two-faced politicians year after year; but a complete pessimist and defeatist when it comes to the idea of Nationalism, Racialism and politics every being combined.

            So would I call this person a defeatist when it comes to Racial Politics? Yes, absolutely. A well trained slave? I’d say yes, but a well trained slave is exactly that — well trained; hence, they would probably have to disagree with being a well trained slave.

          • Luca

            You are on the wrong website, if you want to start a White racial nation, you should look into Storm Front.

            This website deals in racial awareness and reality.

            Therefore, you are wasting your keystrokes.

          • I find it a little odd that just the concept of a White racial nation would lead you to tell someone that this isn’t the website for them. I wonder how well AmRen conferences would turn out if Jared were to start telling people that those with any notions of a White racial nation shouldn’t be here.

            It’s starting to look like I could have been on to something when I implied that this Racialist stuff might just be a hobby for some people.

          • Chasmania

            You know, I was going to answer your points but then I got the feeling you’re just a snotty little dropping with reading your ” How old are you ” and your willingness to explain things to me if I cared to “dabble in a little reason and logic”, and all desire to communicate some of my knowledge, opinion and experience just faded away.

            It’s been my experience that when I get some troll asking my age, most especially…it’s some turd that was born in the 80s or 90s ( or later !). If this is true in your case as well, then let me put it this way. I could easily be your daddy, though I’d not likely want to be.

          • Luca

            In only takes a small minority of determined people, led by strong leadership to change history.

            Examples: George Washington, Adolf Hitler, Corazon Aquino, Fidel Castro,Giuseppe Garibaldi, Sun Yat-Sen, Vladimir Lenin, Mahatma Gandhi, etc,

            I see Walker exercising a great deal of common sense, achieving results against the odds and determined in his beliefs while willing to change when shown a good reason to.

            Some people just don’t have an argument or point, nor do they learn from history. Once the name calling starts, it signals they have nothing else to offer.

          • Perhaps you would like to look up the definition of defeatism and then compare that to your position about race and politics. You could call it a realist statement. You could also call it being defeatist. But like you said, “that’s reality.”

            You are putting stock in a guy that just told you he was for a path to legalization for the illegals. But because of an obvious attempt to pander to the short-term memory of those who’ve come to expect disappointment year after year, he’s now saying something a little different. Saying you are a well-trained slave is being somewhat nice and delicate compared to other adjectives and nouns I could toss out there.

          • Chasmania

            Agreed with most heartily.

  • John Ambrose

    Walker is allegedly getting campaign $$$ from plutocrat Paul Singer… So count me as a huge skeptic/

  • Vito Powers

    Are we supposed to actually believe this lying bag of crap on immigration? His dairy farmers in Wisconsin just love to exploit that cheap illegal immigrant labor. What Scotty says in public to a talk radio audience and behind closed doors to his donors are two completely different things.

    • AndrewInterrupted

      That will be (has been) the problem with all of them. They will say anything. Rand Paul is bound to join that gum-flapping fray.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      A person who straight up says something you like may not ever get elected. And we have a presidency that is limited by congress. The only way for a mass deportation and heavy limits on immigration is a strong majority farther to the rofht than today’s right wing congress and a president who has conviction on the idea. All of this j s close to impossible in today’s political climate. The time of action was the 60s or 70s.

  • ricpic

    Well, it’s a start. If he were to come out for a significant reduction in legal immigration he’d win the presidency going away. But he probably won’t be able to gather the “courage” to advocate something so radical.

    Yes, being sarcastic.

  • Jason Lewis

    What will he do with the millions of illegals?

    • Luca

      I wouldn’t say a damn word about that before the election if I were him, I would only say, “Secure the border and then we’ll talk”. That’s a loaded no-win question in any debate, with any audience.

  • Jaggers

    Skepticism is warranted, but Walker’s stock just rose in my book.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      People complain that he flipflopped but he didn’t care one bit about immigration or foreign policy as governor. It’s not totally pellucid to bring up his previous positions.

  • Luca

    If I stand alone, so be it, but I see no one better than Walker at the moment. I will vote for almost anyone rather than see Hillary get the job.

    • The irony being that you will inevitably get the same outcome.

    • mobilebay

      Donald Trump? Just joking, but on most of the problems with illegal immigration, he’s spot on. However, he sides with Mitt on “stapling green cards to the diplomas of graduating foreign students,” Why? Seems that defeats his purpose.Why not send them back to their native countries to impart their education to those who need it? In fact, that should be a requirement for foreign students. Go forth and teach in your own country!

    • Samuel Hathaway

      What I like best about Governor Walker is how he stood down the unions, and didn’t budge when the union mobs took over the capitol building. He’s got the guts to take on a sometimes coercive, violent left-wing constituency and come out the winner. Walker has guts that I haven’t seen in the other candidates. He’s proven himself, and seemingly is a decent person, too. He’s unlike most selfishly ambitious politicos who like to play footsies with Mexican culture to the point of dumping it on the rest of us, like Jeb Bush, or who are just downright evil, like Hillary Clinton.

      • Luca

        He also does what he says he will do and doesn’t care who whines and complains. He beats Democrats in a Blue state and so far his results have been, for the most part, favorable.

    • John Smith

      I would not vote if Bush or Christie got the nomination. I see little difference between them and Hillary – all evil statists and globalists who will sell their country out.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Walker is talking the good game right now. Walker/Sessions I could get behind. The American people are fed up with the way things have been going.

  • pcmustgo


  • A Freespeechzone

    There isn’t one candidate for the WH that will take the side of the American Citizens and Veterans who built and pay for this country–they will cower and kiss the butts of illegals who shouldn’t be here, bring NO VALUE, bring diseases that had been wiped out for decades and worst of all DEMAND benefits and full citizenship.

    Moreover, politicians have given illegals priority over citizens in education, healthcare and benefits—this is only the beginning; unless stopped.

    The war on Citizens and Veterans will get worse.

    • Hank chinaski

      Delete the “vet” from your comment and I’ll up vote you.

    • Lexonaut

      “[Illegals] DEMAND benefits and full citizenship.”

      Let me fix that for you: Illegals demand full benefits.

      Why on earth would anyone want to become a citizen when they can vote, wriggle out of paying taxes, avoid paying for automotive liability insurance, and do what in Colorado is known as a Mexican Bankruptcy — simply move away, changing your name and leaving no forwarding address.

  • zamzow

    Oh sure like I am going to believe any of these frontmen for the NWO/Hostile elite syndicate. The house is on fire and these fakers are debating whether they should they pour some water on the alarm bell.

    • Hank chinaski

      Uncle Jeb 2016

  • Even though I think Scott Walker is all hat and no cattle, this is why the other party is losing more and more white people and more and more working-middle class white people with every given election, even though Republicans don’t have a solid lock on them and may not quite deserve them:


  • drattastic

    Anyone but Hillary, Bush or Rubio at this point, there is no perfect candidate. One could certainly help themselves if they’d come out hard for Americans and especially American workers and don’t even try it Hillary you complete fraud.

  • Hilis Hatki

    One day our politicians may actually talk and behave like adults instead of this childish make believe that’s been going on for decades.

  • Rob

    I hope someone comes up with a bill to deport all negros to Africa and hispanics to their latino hellhole. Then more jobs for the white people. American cities will be cleaner and no welfare queens and bunnies breeding.

    • InAFreeCountry

      I Have A Dream.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        I Have a Dream, Too…. this one before the First-Mulatto-In-Chief leaves office.

  • Rob

    Can anyone tell me on what basis Amren deletes comments. i just said ‘I agree and good’ to someone else’s comment, and that was deleted. What was offensive about that????

    • John Smith

      Sometime it was the original comment that got deleted and the responses go too.

      • InAFreeCountry

        I don’t know…I’ve had an “amen” comment get deleted but the original stayed up before.

  • Peter Connor

    Walker is probably the last hope for a sane President and immigration policy…but don’t bet the rent money on it.

    • Lexonaut

      “… but don’t bet the rent money on it.”

      Why not? We all know that politicians are completely trustworthy. Why ever would they run for office if not to serve the best interests of we, the people? Speaking for myself, I’m glad to see that his position has evolved from “for” to “against” in just a little more than two years. This shows guts and integrity.

      • Peter Connor

        So far, so good. Now about those Police raids on conservatives in WI…maybe do something?

        • Lexonaut

          Yeah, I posted about that yesterday. It turns out that the raids were court-ordered John Doe search-and-seize actions to stop the “victims” from destroying electronic evidence, and to put them under court order not to contact any of the other co-conspirators to tell them about the raids.

          You see, politics aside, there were actual arrests for a variety of offenses — three different categories, I forget, you look them up — followed by actual convictions. Walker has enemies on the right, too, yes?

          I’m a far right conservative, by the way. However, when legitimate political protest degenerates into criminality and hooliganism, I don’t care who they are, I want the miscreants dealt with by force of law.

          Nice try, by the way.

          • Peter Connor

            The latest raid was pure harassment and thuggery, with physical threats against a naked woman who had helped with the anti-union legislation, authorized by a fanatical pro-union DA (wife a teachers union officer) and an anti-Walker judge. Nor was it done in a lawful manner. Nor was any evidence found. I’m an attorney, I would take her case any day.
            Nice try, but don’t believe the BS in the media.

          • Lexonaut

            “The latest raid was pure harassment and thuggery …”

            Unlike the earlier raids, which were also effectively described as pure harassment and thuggery, and which led to arrests, actual trials and actual convictions.

            The operative phrase here is “actual convictions”. You see, counselor, this is America and no matter how abusive the prosecutor and judge are, the jury has the final say — and they said guilty. Unless of course the defendants voluntarily elected trial by judge, in which case the judge said guilty.

            I think I understand. Prior events must never be allowed to color law enforcement’s approach to current events. That you have a law degree doesn’t impress me in the slightest.

          • Peter Connor

            I think you are making it up…give me a cite to these convictions after such politically motivated raids…The DA has been caught violating both the law and professional ethics, but of course nothing happens. I am a practicing attorney who has won cases in SCOTUS, so your ignorant opinion is of no consequence….

          • Lexonaut

            I made a reply with a link to an article that talks about the convictions subsequent to the John Doe raids. However, it is on robot hold at this site.

            The article appeared on the site legalinsurrection dot com. The operative paragraph is the fourteenth, which begins with the words “John Doe I was a meandering …” The convictions are discussed there — and you owe me an apology for accusing me of making things up.

          • Peter Connor

            The point is that the courts in most states are just rubber stamps for the leftist Police State….the FBI, for example, has just admitted that almost all of its forensic testimony was dishonest for a long period of time…no consequences so far.

          • Lexonaut

            So … You see now that I was right … … and you refuse to apologize. Instead, in typical leftie fashion, you change the subject. That’s fine, I’ll play …


            “… .the FBI, for example, has just admitted that almost all of its forensic
            testimony was dishonest for a long period of time…no consequences so

            This is another outrageous untruth. What happened here was that lab techs over-used the phrase “consistent with” with respect to hair evidence only. Hair evidence back then was never taken to be more than vaguely indicative for purposes of personal identification. I, a layman, would have no trouble getting an FBI lab tech to agree that one cannot even match up hairs taken from the same individual.

            That said, my RN/BSN wife informs me that mitochondrial DNA can now be recovered from the shafts of hairs, this in addition to chromosomal DNA from the root bulbs, if they are available.

            Nobody went to prison (much less death row) on hair evidence alone.


            If you really are an attorney you seem remarkably lacking in an ability to check facts. That means you’re a defense attorney.

            I’ll give you the last word unless you write something really dumb, in which case I reserve the right to correct you.

  • Peter Connor

    Here’s a very simple policy to cover both legal and illegal immigration–none. In 30 years, we can “reassess” it….

  • walker has shown himself to be anti-worker, based on his governorship.

    Cutting immigration is pro-worker.

    If elected, walker will therefore stab us in the back by reneging on his campaign promises.

    • Murphcon

      Not quite. He’s anti government worker privileges that private sector workers don’t get.

  • Rob

    No limits, just shut the while thing down and accept only white people that will help America. Too many white liberals coming in nowadays from Europe and other white places.

  • Cid Campeador

    Why don’t we White Americans take to the streets as does the Afro COMOONITY whenever one of their millions of violent criminals gets himself killed by law enforcement?
    Where are our signs declaring that WHITE LIVES MATTER?
    Where is OUR AL SHAPTON???!!!!

    • jayvbellis

      We League of the South have successfully taken to the streets.

      We’ve done very successful street protests against Tyson Foods flooding Middle Tennessee with low wage Somalian Muslim workers, protesting the Southern Poverty Law Center lies, protesting in favor of traditional Southern Christian marriage laws.

      • Cid Campeador

        SPLC is a synonym for Mendacity.

  • Cid Campeador

    I would wager that there are plenty of disaffected Whites in the above mentioned states who were “conditioned” to follow the program and not protest against the Marxist, Progressive agenda.
    Perhaps the tolerance threshold is reaching the critical mass state and that with the ever increasing imposition of its will on us by the so called “government” . along with an ever increasing violent crime rate ;especially race based violence perpetrated by its “useful idiots” this pot will boil over.
    I hope that you’re wrong but I’m not betting the farm on it.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    Rubio is also reaching out to the Log Cabin republicans, another strike against him. I missed the interview on Univisión with Jorge Ramos, but what you tell me about Rubio’s two-facedness about amnesty is entirely believable. I’ll try to catch any Rubio news in the local Spanish rag, which plays up amnesty and anti-American sentiment every chance it gets.

    Moreover, Rubio is a cut above the GOP field in towering, convincing rhetoric, very passionate, sure of himself, and very convincing to those who don’t know any better. A tea-party favorite while running for Senate, Rubio then went against a tea–party caucus in congress and of course, flip-flopped on amnesty.

    • Cid Campeador

      I’ll never figure it out. The Cubans who came here to escape “El INFidel” Castro, for the most part made successful careers here in the US. I’ll never understand why people unite because they speak the same language. Spanish is spoken in 19 countries all of whom have their own world vision and moral code. In Central America incest among the uneducated Amerindian people is not uncommon. Why would educated Hispanics want to flood their adopted country with people who would pose a threat to our security.
      I frequently hear Cubans speaking negatively about Puerto RIcan and Mexicans. Some Colombians will announce that they speak the highest form of Spanish.
      The majority of Italo-Americans don’t hold any affection for La Cosa Nostra. “Hey I doan mean no disrespect! Nobody wantsah wind up in the weeds in Secaucus.”
      BTW When do we get an Italo- American POTUS candidate? Rudy Giuliani got lost in Palm Beach County.

  • jayvbellis

    Well said. Walker and the likes of Paul Ryan, Rand Paul simply pander to everyone and anyone, agree with whomever is in the room with them. They will still pander and agree with some “Conservatives”, “Christian religious Right types”, even our guys who are sensible on immigration like Jeff Sessions… If they happen to be in the room with them at the time. But, if they are in the room with Sheldon Adelson, CAIR, the ADL, SPLC, Al Sharpton. iSIS, Al Qaeda , they will find some way to agree with all these folks, then try to include some lame Libertarian economic Conservative spin.

    Ron Paul and Rand Paul do this all the time. One day they are defending the Al Qaeda terrorist leader killed in aye,en as a full US citizen based on the technicality of “birth right citizenship”, the next week they are in Chicago pandering to Barack Obama ‘s J advisor David Axelrod explaining how he/they have a plan to bring 11-20 million “undocumented” (illegal alien) Hispanics out from the shadows .

    Our current political system is another reason to legalize all forms of prostitution as these panderers, BSers are simply political prostitutes, they might as well get down and dirty and do the worst foul deeds.

  • Gladys P

    Walker is a liar. He has just arranged to crate two Mexican consulates in Wisconsin. Mexican consulates assist illegals in getting jobs, ID cards, and provide money to bring suit against American businesses, cities, towns and counties.. Walker is doing what he can to encourage the Mexican invasion of Wisconsin.

    • Sssshhh….. you’re going to ruin the fantasy for a few people here.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      It’s not like he’s doing himself any favors by taking what seems to be an extreme position by most modern politicians by arguing against legal immigration. In fact he’s giving ammunition to the tried and tested “gop is racist” mantra.

    • Murphcon

      Relax and enjoy the pandering. Finally, a RINO tells us what we want to hear and we’re too cynical to believe it. You don’t have to support him yet, but calling him a liar, even if he is one, is counter productive. Let them all see how well this message polls. I’ve got nothing bad to say about anyone who says we should reconsider legal immigration.

  • Eagle1212

    Just another RINO masquerading himself as a DemonCrap to give criminal illegal alien invaders amnesty, I say close our borders and deport all illegals along with their anchor babies and extended families and friends.

  • Whites must make this our number one issue: Immigration, immigration, and immigration. No compromise. End ALL immigration, legal and otherwise, no more visas for a “labor shortage”, no more student visas, and deport all illegals, and end birthright citizenship. Then we can talk!

  • If AmRen can get ever get someone like Pat Condell to speak, I might be persuaded to attend a conference.

  • The public employee union reforms in Wisconsin only applied to non-firstresponder public employee unions. They actually had the tacit and sometimes explicit support of private industry unions in the state. And the unions to whom the reforms applied were disproportionately black, at least by Wisconsin standards. As an aside, even the unions so reformed are still in operation.

    It’s just not an accomplishment that scales well to national politics. It was needed for Wisconsin, but it’s not relevant to any real national problems.

  • Fr. John+

    Scott Walker, after doing what was needed in Wisconsin, now you are going to that ‘sh*tty little country’ to make obeisance, and are waffling on ending ALL immigration, forever?
    Sorry, just lost my vote, and anyone I tell NOT to vote for him.