A café owner is feeling like he’s behind enemy lines as more than a dozen protesters have demonstrated at restaurants for the last two Sundays over police shootings involving unarmed black men.

Glen Gurenvitch, owner of Sweet Melissa’s, tells WGCL-TV that he is not against what the protesters are standing but, but just the delivery of their message during a busy time at restaurants.

“I really thought it was a very disrespectful thing,” he told WGCL. “We had nothing to do with the political issue.”

Gurenvitch has put up signs at his café asking the protesters to respect his place of business.

“We respect lives. We respect free speech. Please respect us. Please respect our guests,” the signs read.

Aurielle Marie, organizer of #BlackBrunchATL, explained to WGCL that more needs to be done about police shootings involving African-American men.

“I think the disruption matches the desperation,” Marie said.


“I understand they want to stir emotions to get people involved and I somewhat agree with that, but again, it’s just not the right place to do it,” Gurenvitch told WGCL. “I think that it is a very dangerous thing, when you take a really busy time and escalate emotions. I think it can be a very dangerous thing.”


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  • anony

    “I think that it is a very dangerous thing, when you take a really busy time and escalate emotions. I think it can be a very dangerous thing.”

    He’s right. These protesters are simply trying very hard to instigate confrontations.

    • Blaak Obongo

      And you can bet your last sheckel that the MSM Media Lords (not to mention the Injustice Department) are salivating at the prospect. They’ve already got the spin completely mapped out and the headlines ready and waiting: “White Supremacist Shoots Unarmed African-American Civil Rights Crusader.”

    • Instigating confrontations can work both ways. Remember that these protestards are the folks with low IQ’s and poor impulse-control. As such, they are the ones who would be most easily manipulated into providing people a legal excuse of self-defense.

      • Interested Party

        “Protestards”! Excellent.

        • One of the very best things about going crazy is that one gets to make up one’s own words. One of the genuinely heartbreaking aspects to recovering (?) is that one misses all the fun one used to have.

  • baldowl

    I’ve lived in Atlanta, and it is populated heavily with types I despise do not particularly care for: blacks, gays, hippies, sundry moonbats, and Th✡se Wh✡ Must N✡t Be Named. Let them devour one another.

    • Chip Carver

      Sounds like L.A.. The entire country needs to be purged.

  • Chip Carver

    Blacks only understand brute force. The same goes for certain other groups of non-whites. This isn’t going to change until Whites are sufficiently uncomfortable, until a certain percentage of Whites is so fed up they don’t give a damn, or possibly have nothing to lose. Then we’ll some real Hope and Change along with dopes in chains.

    • Larry Klein

      Yep, they will eat you alive if they sense any weakness, no respect. Arabs are the same way.

      • Lygeia

        Perhaps you have seen this?

        It sums up my personal philosophy.

      • JimmeeCrow

        Blacks regard the White man’s altruism as weakness.

        • ElComadreja

          They’re right.

    • Jaggers

      Exactly. This whole “we respect you, please respect us” business just isn’t going to work.

    • Peters

      You know I have been thinking so for a long time. But I think that the powers that be will just make sure that we don’t cross over to that point. They are comfortable with a small number of shootings of blacks (think Trayvon and Michael Brown), to be exploited by MSM as examples of racism etc. But it takes much more than that for blacks to get the point.

      Your avatar reminded me that there is one other possibility that does not need a great number of whites to not give a damn. Imagine one man, having lost his wife or child to blacks. This one man may create sufficient havoc, and publicity, to drive the point home. It would also lead to copycats, with the same end result. Now that I think about it I am much surprised that this has not happened so far. Surely there has been enough black crime committed for one white man to want revenge on the whole race. John Grisham wrote an inspirational bestseller, with races reversed, about this situation.

      • A Freespeechzone

        I almost surprised this hasn’t already happened—-tremendous restraint out there.

        I suspect that it’s only a matter of time…

        • notyranny

          Any day now

        • Chip Carver

          I’m not sure it hasn’t happened.

          • sl

            They’re so violent and have a culture of “no snitching” that it would be easy to get away with a lot of things.

      • Yancy Derringer

        How’s he going to generate publicity unless he owns his own TV station or newspaper?

        • johningermany

          Take out a giant add or get a billboard.

      • notyranny


      • Chip Carver

        If the angry White guys are smart enough, no one would know that they are busy “getting even”.

        I do think it will reach a tipping point, and there are more than enough Whites who still have a true “American Attitude”. We don’t need a majority of Whites to be uncomfortable enough to just say enough is enough. All that’s needed is an organized and determined minority with the will to get things done.

        The folks in charge always overreach. Always. All throughout history. That’s one reason Europe has begun to slide toward the right, bit by bit.

    • notyranny

      I would love to go to War against them, right now, but with two young children and a job it’s hard to find time for coon hunting. I guess I need to learn to manage my time better.

      • Earl Turner

        If we all wait until it is most convenient, it will never happen. Don’t worry, I’m not attacking you personally, it’s just that what you said presents an excellent opportunity to talk about something sorely lacking on our side of the ongoing race war: unity.

        It is always as if each of us stands alone. It should not be that way. We are all Folk. Religious denominations, political parties, income levels, all of the differences we have are nothing compared to the threat we face.

        You are NOT alone!

        • Ron Cheaters

          I’ll go along with that.

        • anony

          There is an ongoing effort by TPTB to make us feel “all alone” and to prevent any type of “unity”. That’s exactly why we never, ever, see any kind of all-White movement in this country.

          Divide and conquer.

          The closest thing we can get to all-White movements today is by joining one of those “ethnic” clubs; unfortunately even those are scarce and almost always in large cities.

  • Black brunch = Petulant rotten spoiled teenager yelling and screaming until his/her parents give him/her a bigger allowance and a later curfew.

  • TomIron361

    Glen Gurenvitch, owner of Sweet Melissa’s, tells WGCL-TV that he is not against what the protesters are standing but, but just the delivery of their message during a busy time at restaurants.
    Yep. just don’t louse up my business attitude – otherwise I’m good with whatever you do. I despise these stinking businessmen. They stand for only one thing – money.

    • Larry Klein

      Yeah, he’d probably be perfectly fine if the patrons were getting harrassed OUTSIDE his restaurant. Wonder how many illegals he has back in the kitchen?

      • ElComadreja

        Plenty, I’ll bet. The restaurant industry is lousy with them. One of the many reasons I stopped eating out.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Typical weenified, limp-wristed white response… He’s not against what the protesters are standing for, and then he put up a sign asking for respect of his place of business. like these savage baboons will suddenly stop, look at each other and declare, “he ain’t racist, he be a good white, let’s not protest no ‘mo.”

      Speaking of $$$$, the reporter informs us that many patrons got up and walked out of the restaurant without paying the tab.

      • Travis Lee

        A restaurant owner has the obligation to maintain peace and order in his business.
        I’d leave immediately without paying as well, if the owner is not doing so.

        • You could always say that you were afraid for your safety. This would be particularly convincing if you had your family with you.

          • thomasdosborneii

            I would worry about my safety. Suppose I argued against them? Who knows what kind of a rumble that might spark, such as what happens at a McDonalds or in a mall. You’re kind of trapped when you are in a restaurant.

      • sl

        The media will absolutely pillory anyone who stands up to them. Look at what they did to the pizza place in Indiana.

    • Yancy Derringer

      He’s simply saying that their message is not the point of his complaint.

      “Stinking businessmen”? Seriously?

    • John Smith

      Most folks aren’t going to take a public stand when it will damage their business – if you put your savings and effort into it, you would say what you had to too, faking sincerity.

      • Exactly; in all fairness, these restaurant owners are simply trying to make a living. This isn’t always easy. The Subway I ran mornings in 2004 took a major hit after a very large insurance office nearby shut down and moved across town. That killed the lunch rush for us.

      • Blackfish

        Exactly. Keep your head down. Look what happened to Chick-fil-A last year and now those who choose not to take business from gays getting married in Indiana.

        • UncleSham

          That ended up working out pretty well for Chick-fil-A. Americans are a lot more receptive to a pro-Christian business than to a pro-White business. I would like to see someone take a stand, but I realize that it’s not easy.

          • The big difference is that CfA isn’t run by a typical Republican politician, therefore, CfA didn’t cave in and back down. This is why you can’t trust many Republican politicians with issues like these, because you can’t trust them not to see through what they started. If they’re going to start something like this, if they don’t see it all the way through, they’re only going to make mad the people who were made happy by them starting it to begin with, all the while not getting anyone who despised them for having started it to start liking them.

            I don’t know if I can trust Mike Pence enough to see it through.

            This is very similar to the way John Boehner filled our heads with all these grandiose promises about defunding Obama’s amnesty fatwa, then surrendered as he usually does when it got a little too hot. That is, assuming that that wasn’t his plan all along.

        • John Smith

          The pizza parlor in some small town there that said they weren’t going to cater queer weddings is getting death threats now.

          • It’s in Indiana, and a school teacher there was recently fired for suggesting the place be burned down.

            As an aside, what kind of tacky wedding reception orders pizza?

          • John Smith

            Gays are usually more fashionable than that.

          • We had a courthouse wedding, but a catered party at home afterward, with sushi. I prefer fish raw, but many whites do not, so we got plenty of both, cooked and uncooked. It was the best party I’ve ever been to.

          • Alden

            Supposedly they did not refuse to cater a gay wedding.
            A provocateur called and asked if they would cater a gay wedding. The person who picked up the phone said ” We don’t cater weddings”
            God undone money is pouring in to the pizza restaurant Now the liberals claim the it was a big plot by the restaurant to get donations

  • Jason Lewis

    They havent done it in a truck stop diner yet?

    • Lee_CPA

      My thoughts as well. Or a BBQ joint, biker bar, etc, etc.

      • DonReynolds

        Oh….please, please, please. Maybe someone will post it on YouTube.

        • johningermany

          Maybe he could put a giant can of pepper spray on each table, right beside the salt and pepper.

          • DonReynolds

            Ha Ha…..I liked it better when they had wooden chairs with big thick legs……waaaay too convenient for the Irish.

    • Larry Klein

      Nope, likely confronting white hipsters, who’d ordinarily be sympathetic to their braindead “cause.” The whole thing is a bit satisfying.

    • Lygeia

      Or a biker bar.

    • Alden

      City buses don’t go out on the freeways

    • ElComadreja

      They only target the weakest, most politically correct whites.

  • Usually Much Calmer

    “I think the disruption matches the desperation,” Marie said.

    I think so, too. If I were stupid and clannish and in 2008, “we president now”, and in 2015 I still couldn’t get a leg up, I would feel confused and desperate, too. At least I think so. Dunno.

  • DonReynolds

    Maybe they will screw up and pull their stunt at a bbq

    • Jason Lewis

      Yep you noticed they’re all in yuppie style resturaunts too?

      • baldowl

        One reptile devours another.

        • MadmanMarz

          Hey, I take offense at that. I have raised many different spices reptiles throughout my life and hold them in much reverence, I have nothing but of contempt for yuppie libs and their violent black pets. Reptiles and all animals in general have infinitely more dignity then either of the above mentioned.

          • Ron Cheaters

            Mmmmm… Reptile Spice.

          • anony

            Reptiles are the natural enemy of mammals.

          • I’m not sure about that. We have gopher snakes in my area, and those eat mice. Snakes don’t spread bubonic plague or Hantavirus, and rodents do, so I’m siding with the snakes on this matter.

          • anony

            You’re right, but the good they do, which is a lot, does not make me like reptiles more; I have an inborn aversion to reptiles. I have tried but have never been able to understand those who have reptilian “pets”.

          • A rattlesnake was driven into my neighborhood by construction on what had been the vacant lot nearby, so I killed it with an entrenching tool. I stir-fried it with mixed frozen vegetables, and we ate it. I don’t want venomous snakes near human habitation, but very nearly all of them here are harmless, unless one is a mouse or squirrel.

          • anony

            Oh yeah! I’ve eaten rattlesnake with great relish…Chowchow, to be exact.

          • thomasdosborneii

            We have rattlesnakes that sometimes crawl across the school campus where I work. One of our Mexican maintenance man was very pleased to get it, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he didn’t turn it into a nice dish like you did.

          • thomasdosborneii

            What, you don’t like turtles and tortoises? How about chameleons, I think they are pretty fascinating, the way they can instantly turn the color that they are next to.

      • ElComadreja

        They avoid whites that can handle themselves like the plague. Blacks are bullies and cowards.

    • I think they should do that at a biker bar on a Saturday night. Let’s see them try their nonsense with a bunch of Hell’s Angels or Banditos.

      • Blackfish

        There are limits to even black stupidity!

        • My best friend in federal prison had been a Bandito. He was just a sweet guy, but nobody jacked with him. Funny, that! I actually miss him. My file says I taught him to read, but that is an exaggeration. I merely brought him from a “Tip & Mitten” level to “Aviation Week & Space Technology”.

          I kept him cheered up – as he had received 10-and-a-half years – by telling him jokes. He liked the biker jokes the best. I once asked him, “Do you remember the animal rights activists who used to throw fake blood onto women wearing fur coats? Why didn’t they do that to bikers wearing leather? Were they sexists or something?”

          • thomasdosborneii

            I love it! “Tip & Mitten”–LOL. I’ve never heard of that, but I must check it out…I know it will make me laugh even harder. Yeah, no wonder he “couldn’t” read; that would be like making him watch “Barney” on television all day. Very cool that you turned him onto some things that would interest him. That’s what reading is all about, anyway.

            I think if there are any women around who still like fur coats (other than the Finnish), all they would need to do would be to hire leather-wearing bikers as body-guards. Pay those biker body guards really well, because those fur coats are expensive!

      • DonReynolds

        Mr. Scott…..you are always the best in the room.
        I would be satisfied if they would try to disrupt a VFW hall or American Legion on a Saturday night. They are more likely to survive and tell the other clowns about it.

  • baldowl

    What? Where’d my c✡mment go???

  • Vito Powers

    Maybe the Negroes thought they were in a Starbucks and wanted to have a RaceTogether conversation over coffee.

    • MBlanc46

      It’s a good thing for Mr. Gurenvitch that they didn’t think that they were in a McDonald’s.

  • Frank_DeScushin

    “Glen Gurenvitch, owner of Sweet Melissa’s, tells WGCL-TV that he is not against what the protesters are standing…”

    I’ll guess that Mr. Gurenvitch is indeed against what the black protestors stand for, but Mr. Gurenvitch is smart enough to know that questioning the legitimacy of the Black Lives Matter message will get you labeled a racist and subject you, your family, and your business to verbal attacks from the media and politicians and physical attacks by blacks. It’s far easier to question their controversial methods than to question their equally controversial message which, apparently, can never be challenged.

    • Peters

      Gurenvitch sounds like your typical liberal Jew, so he may indeed agree and support the protesters,mjust not in his restaurant.

    • InAFreeCountry

      Indeed, if he challenged their message, he might find his business and livelihood burned down.

  • antiquesunlight

    I live in Atlanta. If these ding dongs ever disrupt my brunch they are going to get quite an earful. Hopefully if enough people stand up to them, it will embolden the rest.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      I would guess you are from a gentrified section of Atlanta or near Decatur.

      • antiquesunlight

        Grew up in the suburbs. Stockbridge. It was at least 90% white back then but is looking more like Clayton County every year. Just recently moved to Norcross, which is ok but has a few too many Mexicans. Whereabouts are you?

    • Wing-nut.

      As hostile as I get when hungry. I am greatful none of that nonsense happens where I live. Don’t even wanna imagine what I would do to a protester at lunchtime. Thinkin’ a bloody mess at least.

    • Alden

      Why not just slip outside and call 911 to report a fire?

      • Anonymous 911 calls from pay telephones used to be a great way to take care of things, but unfortunately pay phones have essentially disappeared in most areas, due to the ubiquity of personal mobile phones.

  • libertarian1234

    I hope it keeps up.

    This is only one thing of many that they do to reveal to the white weenies what they have created, and, on the other side, it makes the self-defense forces more firm in their commitments.

    And beneath it all it is helping to brew a quiet rage.

    • richard garyson

      I agree. They are cooking their own geese by antagonizing the very whites who sympathize with them.

      At the same time, it would be nice to see a counter strike by whites picketing black barbershops to end black on white crime.

      • InAFreeCountry

        Funny, that. I recently read a commenter on a black Youtube channel that said, “Maybe we should lay off the race card a little bit because we are crying ‘wolf’ too much and it will stop working.”
        I like to hear other opinions/know what the opposition thinks because an echo chamber isn’t much use. For instance, a militant black website thinks that killing whites is getting reparations.

        • Killing whites would cut into the tax base that supports these primitives. Kill YT and all you have is brains on your club. Leave him alone and working to pay income taxes, and you get welfare, food stamps and other “gibsmedat” benefits. To anyone with an IQ over 80, this wouldn’t be a complicated subject… oh… never mind.

          • InAFreeCountry

            I have seen plenty of instances where someone killed the golden goose.

        • Blackfish

          I think the Well of White Guilt is pretty deep for many.

        • Spikeygrrl

          “… because an echo chamber isn’t much use.”

          Au contraire. When virtually everyone around you is an integrationist,
          you know it you start thinking that youare the problem. When someone you’ve known for several years finally confides to you (usually in a frightened whisper), that race just “might be” “part of” the problem, you realize that an “echo chamber” to retreat to and reload is absolutely essential.

        • Spikeygrrl

          PLEASE skip over my next post! For some unknown reason my phablet is finicky about edits today.

      • What white people go to black barber shops?

        • Blackfish

          I watched the movie. That was enough.

  • TL2014

    Why is Gurevich trying to placate these savages?

    I don’t understand how these “protests” are legal. Why don’t these people get shot at by restaurant owners due to criminal trespass? Or at least, chased down, get police or dogs sicced on them?
    What the flying fig?

    • phillyguy

      He is in the middle of negro heaven, Atlanta, probably has all his life’s savings tied up in his business and he will lose everything if he don’t comply..if i were a restaurant owner I would have armed guards at the door to stop it before it gets started.

      • John Smith

        Firebombed like Ferguson businesses.

    • It may depend on whether the interlopers are actually inside the business, which is trespassing, or harassing people eating at tables outside. I think pepper spray would be an eminently reasonable solution to the latter problem, while the former would best be dealt with by a call to the police.

      • Blackfish

        However it will be played up as “civil disobedience” by the media. They will be favorably compared to those who sat at segregated lunch counters in the ’60s (who are now of course lionized as “heroes”)

  • LHathaway

    “We had nothing to do with the political issue.”

    Where have I heard that before?

  • IceQueen

    Good news folks. A group of blackbrunchers showed up at Maynards, a toney restaurant in Excelsior, Minnesota a couple of weeks ago, and the white owners and patrons shouted them down and literally chucked them out of the restaurant. Good to know there’s still some of that Viking spirit in our blood!

    • MBlanc46

      Thanks for relaying that heartening piece of information.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      They should be shouting in unison, “White Lives Matter, White Lives Matter.” Yes, that viking spirit needs to be re-awakened to wreck major havoc on the savage, primitive Negros.

      • IceQueen

        They actually did shout “white lives matter,” snatched their signs, and shoved them out of the restaurant. The black brunchers were stunned.

  • So the business owner asks that the protestors please not disrupt his business at busy times? Sorry, but this person is just way too naïve. That is the WHOLE POINT of the protestors. They WANT and DEMAND disruption. This is just lifting a page from the radical left of the sixties and early seventies. They don’t want discussion. Hey, I appreciate how this owner feels, but these protestors need to be met with force. Of course they won’t be, though, because we have a radical leftist regime in power that actually supports them.

  • MBlanc46

    I agree with her. More needs to be done about police shootings of African-American men.

    • Earl Turner

      More range time would be a good start.

  • MekongDelta69

    Serve the ‘protestors’ brunch. Just add some ‘special sauce‘…

  • IceQueen

    Thanks Vito.

  • Irish

    I’m sure this is a silly question, but why don’t they bring their little marching protest show down to to the real source of their angst, namely the Racist po po..Oh yeah, Cause those guys gots guns , batons and those steel bars at their disposal.

  • Spaniard in LA

    To be fair they did invent twerking.

    • Kenner

      It might have started as a seizure…

  • ekwaykway

    Unarmed black men. They should have armed themselves.

    • John Smith

      Most are, but not legally.

    • evilsandmich

      “Unarmed” in the press means “lacking a firearm” which they fully want people to take to mean “defenseless” which is something completely different.

  • Winston_Jack

    Great stuff!

    This is not only typical Black stupidity, but really a new form of stupidity. The Black
    revolution is dependent on support from Whites, and the only Whites who tend to
    support them are ones which have not had much contact with them directly. In other words, upper-middle class liberals. By attacking these people, they are directly attacking the very source of their power.

    Seriously, they found the one group of people who actually defend them and launched a war against them!

    This is very good. Soon, there won’t be a single White person who can honestly disagree with us when we say “you know, the best option is really just to send all of these folks back to Africa.”

    This movement is the best thing that we could possibly hope for. We should all encourage it on social media and pool together to fund it, just like the Jew George Soros funded the Ferguson protests. This could genuinely help spark mass racial awakenings.

  • Hammerheart

    One day, maybe soon. These protesters are going to get a little too aggressive with the wrong person and they’ll end up on the receiving end of a failure drill or with numerous slash wounds culminating in the fatal stab puncture.

    • John Smith

      Yes, and then the victim will be charged with “self-defense while white.”

      • Hammerheart

        You’re probably right, but it’ll be the shot that gets everyone’s attention.

  • InAFreeCountry

    “Aurielle Marie, organizer of #BlackBrunchATL, explained to WGCL that
    more needs to be done about police shootings involving African-American

    No,no. We need to do more about the much more common black-on-white racism and crime.

  • LackawannaErie

    It’s more dangerous to pull this kind of stunt in the South. The real test is when they start doing this kind of provocation outside of cities like Atlanta, into mostly white, GOP controlled suburban and rural areas. But if they do that and get away with it, it will put whites in a much worse place. They will have essentially called the white man’s bluff that he still has some territory where blacks can’t go and insult and harass him because tough rednecks or whoever will stop them.

    If whites don’t stop this, it will be the equivalent of a fish letting the big guy steal his brownie in the prison cafeteria. Sensing weakness and tasting blood, the abuse will escalate and the attackers will become emboldened.

    Blacks are calling whites’ bluff the same way liberals have called conservatives’ bluffs over and over since Obama took office.

  • Light from the East

    It seems those n****** want to ask for more. We give them more.

  • paul marchand

    in a sane country (the old USA) the owner should be able to kick these MFs off of his property without the evil friggin EEOC or DoJ coming after HIM

  • anony

    “What have you contributed to this nation? Hip hop? Sports?”

    They have also created the white donuts surrounding all of our major cities; many millionaire developers owe their opportunities to these blacks.

  • Spikeygrrl

    Please forgive my ignorance: “SWPL”?

    • Stuff White People Like, pronounced “swipple.”

  • ElComadreja

    They invented exactly none of those sports.

  • TheHBD

    Hilarious…the place is patronized, owned and staffed by Liberal SWPL types…I say GO protesters…give them a good dose of the ‘diversity’ they try to shove down our throats all the time!

  • WR_the_realist

    The more obnoxious black people get, the less black lives matter to me.