Baltimore Mayor Defends Riot Response

Ben Kamisar, The Hill, April 28, 2014

Baltimore Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is pushing back against critics who are questioning her handling of the riots that swept parts of the city on Monday night.

“You can’t see everything that I see; you don’t know all the different moving pieces,” she told reporters Tuesday morning.


Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan (R) on Monday night activated the National Guard in Baltimore and suggested Rawlings-Blake had held up the process.

“When the mayor called me, which quite frankly we were glad that she finally did, instantly we signed the executive order,” Hogan said.

Rawlings-Blake defended her handling of the crisis, and lamented the toll that the unrest had taken on her city. She noted that one of the fires gutted a West Baltimore CVS that had been seen as a crucial addition to the community.

“I spoke to someone here who knows how hard we fought to get a CVS to invest into this neighborhood,” she said, noting that the drug stores is the only place some people can pick up prescriptions nearby.

“Everybody know we have a city with great needs, and there are many that are struggling. What happened last night made sure that more people are struggling.”



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  • I spoke to someone here who knows how hard we fought to get a CVS to invest into this neighborhood,” she said, noting that the drug stores is the only place some people can pick up prescriptions nearby.

    And now it’ll be gone, meaning no prescriptions in Bell Curve City.

    Poor people have poor ways.

    • I wonder if the same corporate boards that encourage diversity in their workplace evaluate risk in opening new locations based on that same diversity.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Statements like yours are precisely why AR is now my primary source of news. Great, thoughtful, intelligent analysis that we find no where else. And no, the corporate boards do NOT consider the risks of diversity. “Diversity” functions only to get favorable publicity among non-white communities and possibly to avoid discrimination lawsuits.

    • propagandaoftruth

      Business owners whose businesses were damaged should be able to sue Baltimore city government for willfully refusing to protect property. Is this not an important aspect of the social contract between governed and government? If the gubbamint protection racket of taxes for protection isn’t being faithfully fulfilled by da gubbamint, should not the aggrieved taxpayers/property owners be demanding compensation?

      The Mafia protected better than black run gubbamint.

      • Deacon Blue

        The mafia had a term for Blacks too. “Eggplant” in Italian.
        They also knew how to deal with the darkies appropriately.

        • propagandaoftruth

          When my pops took a second job to put me in a Catholic high school because I was fighting with ghetto negroes in Ghetto Middle School (and doing so successfully, I might add), I got to know some transplanted guidos and got along well with them.

          My best friend’s Sicilian mother called me her second son, something that ultimately strained our friendship, but hey, like I said, I understood them and they must have seen something in me too.

          Catholic school in the bible belt was a wonderful, culturally enriching experience in which I was exposed to my White brethren from Yankeeland.

          “Y’alls guys” always cracked ’em up. Good folk.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            …because I was fighting with ghetto negroes in Ghetto Middle School (and doing so successfully, I might add), ….

            Why aren’t you in Baltimore fighting the ghetto hood-rats when the white citizens need you there now more than ever?

          • Alden

            Why aren’t you?

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Let’s go up there together, if you dare. What do you say? Hmm?

          • propagandaoftruth

            Charleston, SC is much closer and I know the terrain better.

            SC is my home. I was born and plan to die here.

          • Alexandra1973

            That South Carolina logo for whatever reason reminds me of Islam. Palm tree and a crescent moon.

          • propagandaoftruth

            I’ve always thought the same. Comes from the Revolution when the Patriots chopped down some Palmetto trees to build Ft. Moultrie. There was a battle there where we traded cannonades with the British navy and the soft wood of the Palmetto logs sucked up the limey cannonballs like a sponge.

            There must have been a crescent moon visible at the time.

          • brior

            The swamp fox is the reason. Charleston proper is a fantastic city, wish I could have stayed longer than two years

          • martinstuart

            That’s is not the crescent moon. it is a piece of jewelry that I think is called a gaudette? it protects the throat during a sword fight.
            I’m just sayin.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Georgia over here, friend…nice to know you, neighbor. Just passed though SC, the Greenville-Spartanburg area last week, coming back from North Carolina.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Well howdy neighbor! Wanna meet up in Chuckytown some day? Watchin’ and waitin’.

            I like your old flag.

          • Samuel Hathaway

            Speaking the real Georgia flag…

          • D.B. Cooper

            Maybe we can send diversity over here.

          • carriewhite64

            Seems like white Southerners are well represented on AmRen. Louisiana here.

          • Light from the East

            An Asian sniper on the roof will help a lot as well.

          • mobilebay

            Ditto on Catholic schools. I’m a k-college product of that experience. Wouldn’t trade it. When I hear the tales from the classroom today, I can just picture nuns putting up with what students hand out now. We stood when they entered the room, fought to carry their books and did what was expected of us. No discipline has caused this complete turnaround in schools. Could be too that there was no “diversity’ then.

          • propagandaoftruth

            For me it was a little slice of heaven. I no longer had to concern myself with whose posterior I had to kick or who was after mine.

            I had always been kind of expected to “represent” by the weaker White kids and that’s a terrible burden to bear as a kid. When I found myself surrounded by my folk, and no longer had to watch my back or worry about losing a fight, my grades went up and no matter how bad a day I was having…

            At least I wasn’t being experimented on by effing Marxists, preyed upon by their pet negroes.

            That said, I hate this commie pope.

          • Deacon Blue

            I hated the nuns and their yard sticks back then. But we all got
            a real education and there was no BS back in those days.

            Discipline and justice was meted out by Mother Mary Auchincloss
            and the sisters swiftly.

          • carriewhite64

            Mine was Sister Margaret O’Brien. I can still reel off large chunks of the lives of the saints. And we were too scared not to learn.

          • MBlanc46

            What a testament to diversity.

        • llexik

          “Mouliyan.” It’s what my grandpa called them. I remember hearing it a lot as a child.

          • propagandaoftruth

            “Moolies” as per my guido buddies, lol.

          • I learned that word from a Mafia member in federal prison.

          • KyraNelson

            The word is moulignon. (pronounced mou-lin-yan) from the Sicilian dialect with all attendant derogatory connotations regarding blacks. Kind of like the Italian version of “schvartza,” which is the word I grew up with in “Eskimoe” land. All the NY Italians I ever knew said it. Not just the Mafiosi.

        • John Smith

          I thought that was for an “educated” type of negro – black on the outside and white on the inside.

          • Deacon Blue

            No, those were called Devil Dogs. Like the mass produced
            cake products. Hostess maybe?

          • Light from the East

            What a normal black call an educated black is “house n-word” for those who worked for white masters with easy jobs in the house during slavery time.

        • MBlanc46

          Everybody used to know how to deal with blacks. Most people probably still do, but now it’s a practice that dare not speak its name.

      • ozamataz

        It’d be quite funny if insurance companies tell the black business owners to pound sand as the Magical Mayor ordered/allowed this. “Sorry sucker, coverage denied, go ask the mayor for the money”.

        • propagandaoftruth

          War and civil disobedience are not covered under most policies. Double reason to sue those charged with protecting.

          Willful breach of social contract.

          • carriewhite64

            I suspect that government entities have protected themselves from damages from situations like this. But I would love to see a test case move up the courts all the way to the Supreme Court.

        • A Freespeechzone

          Many insurance policies have exclusions for civil disturbances….

      • TruthBeTold

        This is what they did to a sneaker store:

        • propagandaoftruth

          As I’ve said – urban safaris in armored bookmobiles. To the moolies, a bookmobile would be pretty much invisible.

          Overpriced, tacky, sneakers however?

          “Attractive nuisance”.

          • Michael Robert Ryan

            LOFL! They love shoes so much that even name their kids “Cortez” and I’m sure they’re not talking about the Spanish Conquistador. What a bunch of ignorant morons.

          • propagandaoftruth

            Yeah…remember that tommy hillfIGGER garbage? Some department stores around here had to stop selling it the negrotic theft was so bad.


        • Ella

          Yeah, the looters homes look about the same as the vandalized and burglarized shoe store.

        • AndrewInterrupted

          And I bet the store surveillance was good enough where 90% of the chimps could be identified by the police–but don’t you dare think they’ll try.

          • TruthBeTold

            Here’s the surveillance video. The owners look shell shocked:

            www youtube com/watch?v=fiwLc2lL_RE

          • carriewhite64

            That is truly heartbreaking. I hope he reopens his store far far away from this area.

        • bv

          Some kind of Arab owns it I guess?

      • carriewhite64

        This is so well said, and your points have been largely ignored in the media. I am sure the govt has protected itself from damage suits of this type, but they would be absolutely legitimate in this case. If honest business owners and taxpayers cannot expect the MINIMUM from the government – protection of life and property, then why are we paying taxes? I’m sure midnight basketball and breakfast at school are not the first priorities of these poor store owners.

      • Strider73

        The SCOTUS has ruled multiple times that the police are under no obligation whatever to prevent crimes, stop crimes in progress, or even respond to 911 calls. All they are required to do is investigate, gather evidence and (maybe) make arrests. The Mafia protected better because it didn’t bother with the courts.

    • Jason Lewis

      Now they get to drive to the nice neighborhoods to get perscriptions filled.

    • Who Me?

      Excuse me, but don’t most people buy their prescriptions at a drug store? Or am I missing something here?

  • MekongDelta69

    Stephanie Rawlings-Blake is nothing more than a hyphenated three-name black feminazi, who will defend any and every destructive and racist leftist policy ever forced upon Whites.

    You reap what you sow…

    • mobilebay

      Been listening to Rush, have you?

  • D.B. Cooper

    Dear black people of Baltimore,
    If you still feel like attacking businesses in your neighborhood, may I suggest…

    • Publius Pompilius Quietus

      Black people don’t drink coffee. They would rather binge on cigarettes and Doritos.

      • Deacon Blue

        Does the Seattle crowd have a “Purple Drank” flavored Chai Tea?

      • Deja Douglass



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  • Dave4088

    I think junk bonds pose far less risk than investing in a majority black city like Baltimore.

    • Whitetrashgang

      If we cant send blacks back to Africa bring lions and Tigers here, now that’s a investment we can believe in.

      • TeeJohn the Junkyard Dog

        1. Tigers come from Asia, not Africa.
        2. The Africans I knew in Africa didn’t want anything to do with these looters.

        • I would trade nearly every African American for an African if that were the only way to solve the problem.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          Those of us who might want to got Africa would rather see the giraffes and the hippos.

        • bv

          That’s the first generation parents. Their spawn quickly assimilate in language, appearance and attitude of the local standards and practices.

          In brief they become just another zoo animal, just like the natives.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        For now, German Shepherds and Dobermann Pinchers will do just fine.

    • Deacon Blue

      In many Black majority cities, the credit rating of said city is about the same
      as a junk bond. Would you purchase a muni for Detroit, Apelanta, Cleverland,

    • thegodsofeden

      I agree with that. If and/or when Baltimore tries to rebuild, I’m sure they’ll have to put out a bond offering. Even if they discounted the thing by 40% or offered a 10% or higher yield on the coupons, I wouldn’t purchase. Hell the worst to yield would probably somehow wind up in negative territory.

  • superlloyd

    Blacks are notoriously shortsighted and unreflective. They still have the obtuseness to wonder why businesses won’t invest in heavily black areas. Really, there is no hope that they can ever improve or live in a civilised society.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Remember the big stink from hell raised by some ghetto areas when Domino’s Pizza decided to not deliver in black-run dangerous areas?

      • Michele Groves

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  • TheCogitator

    Blacks complain that it is so hard to get businesses to invest in black neighborhoods, and when the businesses are foolish enough to do so, this is what happens. Now it should be even harder to get CVS to come back. They would have to be fools to do so. And what insurance company would write a policy for a store in a neighborhood that is inclined to bun things down?

  • TomIron361

    As drunk as I’ve ever been in my life, I always made more sense that this woman.

  • Samuel Hathaway

    To the complete dum-dum who poses as a sorry excuse for a “mayor”, CVS ALREADY invested in your loser community by even locating there in the first place. They provided jobs to your local citizens as cashiers, stock personnel, pharmacists. They had federal withholding taken from their paychecks, along with Medicare and Social Security. CVS paid property taxes.

    No doubt CVS provided emergency medicine to some of the most seriously ill citizens in this part of Baltimore that saved many lives. And still, Mz. Mayer, you haven’t a CLUE, dearie.

    • Who Me?

      CVS probably won’t make THAT mistake again…being in the retail business, not a charity.

      • Samuel Hathaway

        Exactly. What is it with this snotty attitude that companies also have serve as “good corporate citizens” just code for them to shell out the profits for non-business related charitable work? they pay property taxes. they provide jobs so others can make a living, they provide benefits. They withhold medicare and social security from employee paychecks. They’ve done their social duty, Period.

        • John Smith

          Many screw their employees while giving handouts to dindus. The usual amount of inventory shrinkage is charity enough for the Bantu.

          • Deacon Blue

            My friend, you have no idea how much inventory shrink increases when you hire Blacks. My company makes products that have zero use outside a somewhat narrow, “industrial” consumer base.

            But when a gun was put to my head and I was forced to “diversify” we hired double dindus and literally, my monthly bill from Staples doubled {they stole boxes of pens, legal pads, the Keurig coffee pods, anything that came from Staples and was in the supply closet}. Then they must have figured out that some of the metal conduit and wire we buy can be sold as scrap because rolls of copper went missing.

            Yet, I can’t say or do anything. For real. Caught one of the dindus blazing up in his car during “lunch” in the company parking lot {hello liability insurance} and inside the car was a box of office supplies he had just five fingered monkey discounted out the door. Yet, I can’t fire him. Because I am sure he will complain that we’re rayciss and then the EEOC people will say we violated our consent decree with them.

            If complaining was a valuable job skill, these two clowns would be the best employees ever.

            And they wonder why they can’t have a company credit card?

            Blacks do not understand the concept of a credit card.

            They think its some YT juju magic where they can get gibs
            and not ever have to pay for it ever. Like cold cash, but not.

            Internet money?

            I didn’t donate as much to the charities we have funded in
            the past. I view having two Black employees as charitable enough. Am I wrong?

          • John Smith

            You need padlocked security cages for everything remotely valuable that can be moved easily. You also need security cameras inside and out and to be able to monitor and these from home or office and record off-site. I would worry about them becoming violent when they feel “discriminated” against and always lock my office door if I stay late and carry a pistol at all times. I’d also worry about the white woman who has a negro BF, as they will often act as an accomplice to theft or kidnapping you for ransom.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            Yes, that is the price of diversity. That’s why corporations left America in droves–and continue to. Forced inefficiency at the bloody hands of the cultural Marxists is the death of American business.

          • AndrewInterrupted

            The EEOC is not far away from being relabeled the NKVD. You’d be surprised how many people and employers are unaware of the EEOC evil–until it’s too late, of course.

          • carriewhite64

            That’s incredible. Did your consent decree disallow you to fire employees who steal from your company? I operate under the assumption that it is perfectly safe to fire an employee for stealing, and have fired one black man for that. But my business is small and has no deep pockets.

          • When I was a chemical engineer in the microelectronics industry, we stole pens from each other as a game. Joe Cuchiaro stole Larry McMillan’s pens; in turn I stole them from Joe, and Larry got them back… eventually.

            One of the better jokes I played on Larry (my boss) was with the guts of a musical greeting card from the phone company. I installed it, ringing, under the telephone on Larry’s desk while he was in the front office. After trying to answer his phone several times, he knew right away it was I who had done it, but it was pretty funny. God, how I loved Larry at the time. I miss those days.

            Heck, I still heist pens, but only from county government offices, one at a time.

      • phillyguy

        I hear they are going to open up a Starbucks at the former CVS site.

        • Samuel Hathaway

          The blacks will burn the Starbucks to the ground too, eventually.

          • Strider73

            When they find out Starbucks does not accept EBT cards as payment.

        • propagandaoftruth

          Reminds me of an old “Onion” headline…

          “Starbucks Opens New Starbucks in Bathroom of Old Starbucks”

  • Alden

    During the Rodney King riots they looted computers, radios, TVs $200.00 nikes and other things of some value. Other than some of the drugs, what is there in CVS? Cheap toys, coloring books, hose and socks, stationery, nail polish and make up shaving stuff, shampoo etc.
    What a haul!!!!
    Bahmor blacks can’t even loot things worth more than $10.00 bucks what losers.

    • Deacon Blue

      Some of those drugs likely are worth more than gold on a gram per gram
      basis. Especially in “those” neighborhoods.

      • Michael Robert Ryan

        Not only that but money is fungible so all the toiletries and other household items they stole free up money in their budgets for malt liquor, crack and all the other frivolities they like. It actually makes good sense to loot stuff like that, if all the really valuable stuff like drugs has already been looted.

    • jim

      According to some of the pictures I’ve seen some stole toilet paper. (I guess their fat baby mammas didn’t have to use a push broom to clean their backsides any longer.) Anyone want to bet we eventually hear about the poor looters stealing toilet paper because its considered a luxury in their oppressed neighborhood?

      • carriewhite64

        Everywhere I look there are photos of looters hauling toilet paper. It’s disgusting.

    • Samuel Hathaway

      Gee, sounds like you shop at CVS since you know all about the cheap stuff. Tell us, how many of those coloring books, hose, and nail polish did you plan on buying? and how much cash did you fork over when you were too scared to say “no” to one of the black looters?

    • Ella

      Try painkillers and other narcotic drugs.

    • carriewhite64

      The hair products, nail products, and makeup are probably a big draw.

  • dd121

    This is why CVS won’t be back and others will never go in.

    • Illidan Stormragge

      CVS should move out.

    • Wing-nut.

      This is why we can’t have nice things… 🙁

  • KyraNelson

    I’ve already gotten emails from a local community association asking for $$ to “help rebuild” these poor unfortunate neighborhoods. Seriously? Somebody must have sent my email address into the twilight zone.

  • Strider73

    Those 1992 rioters burned the local post office to the ground. A day or two later the undertow were lined up next to the smoking rubble to get their welfare checks.

  • Jack Burton

    ““Everybody know we have a city with great needs”

    A mayor who doesn’t even know elementary grammar. That’s what you get with blacks.

    She shouldn’t even be a manager AT CVS, much less a mayor.

  • Jack Burton

    The best thing to do is not rebuild, don’t waste white taxpayer money on them. Let them wallow in their own dysfunction.